Continuing Professional Development (CPD) departments manage a large number of CME activities each year for their faculty and members respectively. For CPDs, those activities come from numerous formats  – grand rounds, journal clubs, case conferences, annual meetings, workshops, seminars, panels/roundtables, simulations, external faculty lectures, and more. The history of CME programming has been in the live delivery arena, which is currently facing limitations as learners’ budgets shrink and their learning preferences change. Most of these activities are “face-to-face” and hence only available locally and at fixed times, which often make it difficult for physicians with busy practices to participate. Further, as many hospitals and healthcare systems expand to regional branches and ancillary hospitals, it is necessary that education be provided remotely to ensure consistency and quality of care.

This webinar will review steps for determining how to corral the enormous body of content available to your organization and determine the potential for leveraging activities in a digital format to create greater ROI and to meet the needs of today’s busy physicians. In this webinar, we will review the following questions:

  • Is there potential for developing a broader reach for your existing internal CME activities (e.g. RSS, live courses, grand rounds, etc.), and what would be involved? Does it have value only “in-the-moment” or to a greater audience?
  • Can it be delivered digitally “as is” or should it be enhanced to create a stronger online experience?
  • How should you plan future face-to-face activities from the onset to ensure that they can then be used digitally in the future?
  • What are the technology and skill sets you may need in order to maximize your CME footprint and revenue?