David Kelly, Executive Vice President and Executive Director of the eLearning Guild spoke on September 26th as part of the Fall eLearning Thought Leaders Webinar Series. Jon Aleckson, CEO of Web Courseworks, interviewed David Kelly about the eLearning Guild and the content was presented during the webinar. “Content Curation: Putting Curation into Practice” addressed curation, how it came to be, and how it is a necessity for associations in the “digital age”. The following clips are questions from the interview between Jon and David.

Question 1: “Can you tell me about what you do for the Guild, how long you’ve been at the Guild, and a little bit about the Guild?”

The eLearning Guild has been around about 15 years. The purpose of the Guild is to fill the gap in the professional development space.


Question 2: “Can you talk about some of the things you provide your various membership levels?”

The eLearning Guild offers a free membership as well as a pro and plus package. This allows members to access resources for multiple activities for on-the-go learning.


Question 3: “Can you give us a quick background of  how you got into content curation?”

David Kelly tells us how he discovered content curation and why it became important to share his knowledge to the world.


Question 4: “A lot of the people attending the webinar will be from the national association space and probably have done a lot of curation themselves. So, they’re probably asking themselves, why the sudden labeling, why is this important, and what does it mean for them?”

David Kelly talks about the history of curation and how it has transitioned over time. The increasing amount of “noise”, anything that would distract you from the message, is making people focus on curation more than ever.


Question 5: “In this webinar, will you be giving attendees tips about curation software, how often they should be doing it, how they should be doing it?”

During the webinar, David will present facts, experiences, and case studies to explain how associations can best control their curation efforts.