Transform In-Person Content to Virtual Content

This month, our webinar revolves around learning and eLearning content. We will be joined by Karen Hyder, an expert in online virtual training and education. Hyder has experience teaching about technology (using technology) for the past 25 years, and is a Certified Technical Trainer CTT+. She has also co-authored, “The eLearning Guild’s Handbook on Synchronous eLearning,” and, for, authored, “Up and Running with WebEx Training Center.”

We live in a world where everything is online. We watch our favorite TV shows, store our libraries of books, purchase groceries, and even chart our medical records. It is no surprise that training and education have now become accessible online. The convenience of an online method of learning allows for associations to expand their educational offerings and allows learners to take control of how they learn. However, it is not uncommon to still have in-person training or courses.

We see many associations that are looking to move some of their learning content online to help reach a larger audience, and to make training or education programs more accessible. While other associations are simply wanting to enhance their in-person classes with pre-work, evaluations, or follow up webinars. No matter what your online education goals look like, if you are looking to move in-person classroom material online, you need to ensure you have a strategy to do so.

It is vital to understand that in-person content cannot be viewed as the same as virtual content. You can’t simply recreate your in-person classroom online. Generally, online presentations take more time to prepare than in-person presentations. When first approaching how to transform your in-person education into online training, you need a strategy that allows you to focus on how to deliver the education content on a virtual platform, without losing the main training and learning objectives.

In this webinar, Hyder will walk you through the steps and strategy to ensure your transformed online training or education is successful. Learn how to plan and execute your eLearning initiative so you can grow your educational offerings and member base. Hyder will go over adapting your traditional classroom for a virtual platform, effective online instruction and presentation skills, and designs tips to better engage your learners.

Join us February 28 at 11:30am CT. Save your seat and register here!