Cw Resource Innovation

Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions


The Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp) sought a learning technology partner to design a program of educational activities corresponding to the ACEhp’s Competency Areas for CME Professionals.  In discussing the goals of the program, Web Courseworks responded with the suggestion of launching the program using an LMS based on ACEhp’s needs for a solution that could provide an interactive and dynamic learning environment for participants as well as track data and display detailed reports of participants’ progress. Additionally, ACEhp required an eLearning team, knowledgeable in online learning design to work collaboratively with the ACEhp’s course developers and subject matter experts.


ACEhp partnered with Web Courseworks to develop and market the Competency Assessment and Lifelong Learning Series (CALLS), a series of interactive online courses focused on advancing the knowledge and skills of CME professionals based upon experience level and area of interest.

The Alliance Competency Certificate courses are presented as modular, facilitated learning experiences. The CALLS course content incorporates rich media activity, including:

  • Video presentations by the lead learning facilitator
  • Professional audio and voice-over narration
  • Interactive diagrams 
  • Comprehensive, computer-aided self-assessment for performance improvement
  • Downloadable worksheets and resource tools
  • Learning journal for learners to monitor and evaluate their learning during the course
  • Lesson forums that create a learning community where participants can share ideas with peers in the course


In selecting Web Courseworks’ CourseStage learning management system (LMS), ACEhp has the flexibility of utilizing authoring tools in the system as well as launching SCORM-based learning objects in their custom branded Learning Center. ACEhp’s staff is able to manage the content and view learners’ progress, meeting key requirements such as:

  • eCommerce flexibility, allowing for member/ non-member pricing, product ratings, and complementary product recommendations
  • Learning plans for bundling courses
  • Self-assessment authoring tool for pre-assessment, post-assessment, and graphical comparisons
  • Certification tracking and custom certificates for learners and administrators to view and print
  • Integration with ACEhp’s website and iMIS Association Management System (AMS) for membership validation