Cw Resource Engagement

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA)


The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) is the professional association that represents more than 50,000 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and student registered nurse anesthetists: 90% of the nation’s nurse anesthetists. The AANA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the AANA, is the leading resource for assuring safe anesthesia care through education and research. It develops evidence-based practice guidelines and offers required continuing education (CE) courses and activities.

AANA had two problems: Their current LMS was inadequate to their needs. According to AANA Chief Finance and Innovation Officer, Dean Comber, they were “really looking for more of a talent competency solution for internal type learning and training.” They also wanted a robust e-commerce system that had enough flexibility to handle their complex pricing structure.


LMS Solution: Web Courseworks configured its CourseStage Health LMS to meet the CE requirements mandated by AANA’s accredition agencies, in addition to greatly streamlining faculty and evaluator access to assessment data.

E-commerce Solution: Web Coursework’s BoxOffice platform, in the words of Dean Comber, “is a robust e-commerce platform with features exceeding what is offered by many top association management systems.  Web Courseworks offers not only standard e-commerce functionality, but features that make it easy to drive sales for education and certification programs. From the analytical perspective, BoxOffice provides insights that are very similar to Google analytics, far above what’s provided in typical association based e-commerce platforms.”

Some of BoxOffice’s outstanding learner-friendly features include the following:  Prior to selecting a course, learners can review its content, objectives and the number of credits they will be awarded. They are also able to access course reviews and to compare products. Once a course has been completed, learners can be directed to articles and webinars relevant to their course content.

Web Courseworks further enabled BoxOffice to allow for course bundling, cross selling, and special pricing, thereby using the LMS to enhance marketing and increase sales.


AANA has reported great success with its e-learning platform and e-commerce sites. Comber boasts, “We have seen metrics on how users are accessing and using our learning modules. We have seen a major revenue increase in that area.

“What I thought was very impressive was the way that Web Courseworks was able to provide their knowledge base on how to utilize BoxOffice, really helping us understand where e-commerce fits in with our learning management system and ultimately how it all reports to our association management system (AMS).

“Web Courseworks has made a commitment to having a very positive and solution-based business relationship outside of just the engagement and technology. I think that has really helped us work together as a team, not only for the mission and vision that we have with our learning management system to meet the needs of our constituents, but also to grow a strong partnership between a professional association and a learning management system vendor.”