ABMS, a  prominent board of medical specialty boards, will hold its annual conference in Chicago, September 25-27.  Healthcare professionals attending will include medical educators interested in professional development of clinicians.

Web Courseworks’ customer CHEST (the American College of Chest Physicians) educates hundreds of practicing physicians, annually, on technology and procedures relating to topics like difficult airway incubation and specialized ultrasound techniques.  This year, Greg Lasko, Manager of Planning and Evaluation at CHEST, and our Dr. Andy Hicken, will be presenting a poster describing how CHEST has developed a standardized scorecard evaluation for its physician education courses.  This course scorecard utilizes Donald Moore’s CME Evaluation Model, which encompasses learner satisfaction, data points on learning, competence and performance (skills) assessment. CHEST uses medical simulators like this high fidelity Laerdal mannequin simulator to increase efficacy.

What Greg is doing that is extraordinary is combining various data points, including several drawn from evaluation and reporting features of our CourseStage Health learning management system.

Measures used include:

  • A measure of knowledge assessment question design drawn from our item analysis report
  • Psychometric measures of evaluation reliability and pre-post comparison drawn from our reliability report
  • A net promoter score and faculty satisfaction scores derived from evaluation reports

After Greg’s team compiles this data, they use an online graphics program to create infographics for each course similar to the one below.

Course Comparison Infographic

The info-graphic shows year to year comparisons and where there is room for improvement.  The three main audiences for this summary info-graphic are senior CHEST management, course chairs, faculty, and accreditation boards.