IMIS Integration

American College of Chest Physicians



The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) is a medical specialty society of nearly 19,000 chest medicine physicians that partnered with Web Courseworks as a learning technology partner that could provide a learning management system (LMS) that supports the administration, documentation, tracking and reporting of their classroom and online events, e-learning programs and training content for its members and non-members.


Web Courseworks recommended the use of CourseStage LMS for the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST). The learning management system’s medical specialty- specific features allow ACCP to deliver both prescribed ACCME-accredited CME and board-accredited MOC activities and monitor progress ensuring learners are complying with organizational, licensure boards and other training requirements.


Leveraging CourseStage LMS, ACCP education offerings include:

  • CME and MOC activities at their annual meeting, described below
  • Pre-tests, post-tests, evaluations, and content delivery for simulations and live courses on advanced topics offered at their brick-and-mortar facility in Chicago
  • Pre-tests, post-tests, evaluations, and content delivery for frequent live, grant-funded sessions in multiple locations around the country
  • MOC modules accredited by the ACCP’s board, the American Board of Internal Medicine, which take advantage of a custom-built feature that allows CHEST’s members to report MOC quiz results directly from the LMS to their board

CHEST’s use of CourseStage at its annual meeting are particularly innovative, and have helped the organization to transition learners from live to online formats using a mobile strategy. Uses of the LMS at the live meeting include:

  • Self-paced SCORM modules at self-study stations (locked-down ipads) set up in the conference hall
  • Pre- and post-tests in selected live sessions
  • Real-time faculty ratings of learner performance in face-to-face simulations
  • MOC modules