America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)



Each year over 90,000 health insurance professionals across the country take the American Health Insurance Plan’s (AHIP’s) Medicare Training to satisfy government-mandated compliance requirements. AHIP wanted to offer more professional development health insurance courses. The challenge was designing a system which would allow learners to migrate seamlessly from their national association sites to their AHIP member sites. This system required the customized integration of a series of learning platform experiences.


Jon Aleckson, CEO, and the Web Courseworks team supervised the implementation of a hub and spoke network of integrated learning management system instances. In the compliance-training system, AHIP’s hub delivers training to learners affiliated with all the major health insurance plans in the United States. These learners are then seamlessly transferred to spoke systems customized to the individual health plans’ training programs. Results are ultimately reported to governmental compliance systems.


The new compliance-training system was launched in March 2012.  The Web Courseworks -AHIP partnership continues to develop as the system is being constantly enhanced.  Web Courseworks has also worked with AHIP to create an Affordable Care Act training system and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training option to complement the Medicare training delivered through the compliance-training system.