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American Medical Technologists

American Medical Technologists needed to revamp its eLearning programming, examining both its LMS and learning business rules to better align with the learner experience their team wanted to provide. In large part, the reason for these challenges was because its previous platform was a corporate LMS, rather than an association LMS like CourseStage LMS. AMT worked directly with Web Courseworks to formulate a solution.


Organization: American Medical Technologists


American Medical Technologists (AMT) is an organization that provides certifications for allied health professionals. Established in 1939, the organization offers 11 recognized certifications to its over 100,000 members. In addition to providing online continuing education, AMT hosts an annual meeting and provides networking, career development, and volunteer opportunities for members.

The Challenges

Prior to this project, AMT was using an older version of CourseStage LMS that didn’t have the answers to all of its learning business challenges. As the organization’s needs grew, it faced a number of growing pains.

These growing pains resulted from limitations on the organization’s learning business rules, workflows, and user experience.

For example, certain business rules made it more challenging for learners to earn their certifications. Challenges arose as learners couldn’t retake quizzes without repurchasing the entire course, and there were expiration dates that made CE certifications less user-friendly for members.

Further, there were inefficient workflows that slowed down AMT’s smaller eLearning team— for example, the ongoing need to help members troubleshoot the limitations noted previously. And, as there wasn’t a robust course catalog available for members, there wasn’t a well-established revenue opportunity encouraging members to continue completing courses.

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“We normally now only see about 3% of our overall members that call in with any sort of question regarding the LMS.”

John Poeltler

Instructional Technologist, American Medical Technologists

The Solution

Our association LMS has extensive reporting and integrations.

Revamped Business Rules

AMT examined its learning business rules to discover areas where these results weren’t aligned with the user experience the organization wanted to provide for members.

AMT sat down with organizational leadership to restructure these rules to be friendlier for users. For example, the organization realized that by limiting whether learners could re-take courses and quizzes, learners had a sub-par experience.

After re-calibrating its business rules, AMT coordinated with Web Courseworks to create an LMS strategy that aligned with the new parameters.

Our association LMS is both adaptive and intuitive.

Clearly Mapped Timeline

Part of creating this new LMS strategy involved meeting with Web Courseworks to map out AMT’s goals for the project. The two teams collaborated to determine a clear timeline, anticipating that the project would take approximately six months from start to finish.

This timeline created expectations for all teams involved and ensured that there were clear next steps at each point in the process. With open communication between the organization and vendor, the project was able to proceed smoothly.

Our association LMS has native course and quiz authoring.

Updated CourseStage Health Instance

AMT was already using an older version of CourseStage LMS. CourseStage is an association-focused LMS, and therefore had all of the features and functions AMT needed to be successful. 

But, after further analysis of its business requirements, AMT realized that upgrading to the newest version of CourseStage LMS would allow it to better achieve its learning business goals.

With this update, the organization was able to access additional LMS functionality, including:

  • A robust, searchable course catalog to upsell courses to members.
  • Options for learners to retake quizzes, allowing up to three quiz attempts.
  • Options for learners to retake courses, automatically adding courses to the learners’ carts when they’ve failed them three times.

The Results

Increased CE Participation

Improving the experience members had when using the organization’s LMS led to an increase in CE participation. AMT saw an approximately 30% increase in the number of courses sold, and now forecasts that approximately 30,000 members will access and purchase training in the coming months.

Improved eCommerce Experience

By making it easier for learners to retake quizzes and courses as needed, AMT was able to significantly decrease member confusion with regard to navigating its LMS. The organization experienced approximately a 95% decrease in customer service calls as a result.

This graphic illustrates some of the key statistics from this case study.

Streamlined Administration

Because AMT has a smaller eLearning administration team, it’s crucial for the organization to save time and increase the efficiency of its back-end processes. Updating their LMS allowed the AMT team to drastically improve the process of administering courses. When learners can more easily interact with the system, they make fewer customer service calls to the organization and there are fewer issues for AMT to resolve.

Robust Reporting

AMT was able to use the robust site-wide and psychometric reporting features in CourseStage Health to understand learner participation in its learning programming. The organization was able to understand not only which courses were most popular, but also those that learners had the most success with passing.

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