Access AR and VR Augment Your Learning

Augmented reality. Virtual reality. You might be familiar with these terms if you’re a gamer or a tech enthusiast. If you’re not, there’s a good chance that you haven’t encountered these terms. Regardless, augmented reality and virtual reality are gaining popularity and ubiquity in a way that we’ve never seen throughout the course of history. Although there had been some serious attempts at developing the technology in the past, we are finally at a point when our technology is powerful enough and portable enough to gain traction in these fields.

So far, the primary use of these technologies has been in games. Games frequently encourage us to develop better and more sophisticated tools. But games also make us reconsider our approaches in other fields such as adult education. We believe that augmented and virtual reality can similarly improve the techniques we use to educate professional adults.

In this white paper, we define the basic definitions of augmented and virtual reality and explore the ways in which they can be leveraged to best meet the needs of our learners. We also explain some of the downsides of the technology with the understanding that it’s still in its infancy and has room for growth. We write this paper in hopes that others will see and invest in the potential of this fascinating technology.