AR and VR in eLearning

I recently wrote a white paper on the topic of augmented and virtual reality in adult education; I’ve also written a blog post on the topic here . This is my favorite white paper to date because I had the opportunity to interview experts in the field and did my best to capture their enthusiasm and insight into the educational potential of these technologies. Chad Jackson, Senior Director of Simulation, eLearning, and Innovation for CHEST (American College of Chest Physicians), stood out as a particularly innovative thinker in the field of AR and VR as it could apply to CME.

In part one of the interview, Jackson describes how his group is using VR technology to make esoteric concepts more easily understood by physicians:

In part two of the interview, Jackson describes how his group might use AR technology in the future:

In part three of the interview, Jackson imagines a future in which physicians perform simulated surgeries that are customized based on a patients’ particular data:

Jackson leaves us with a hopeful look at the integration of AR and VR technology into the field of CME:


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AR and VR in eLearning