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The association of association executives, ASAE, (American Society of Association Executives) holds a technology conference each year in December. I have attended about half of the total conferences held and I am excited that this year is its 10th anniversary. The conference attracts strong attendance and some 150 exhibitors. Most importantly it features over 42 educational sessions including inspirational keynote addresses. Full disclaimer, the company I run, Web Courseworks, sells CourseStage, an educational platform designed to enhance and support association professional development.

The ASAE Tech conference is designed for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CXOs, technology professionals, and marketing communications strategists. Those engaged in applying educational technology for communities of practice are also targeted.

Here is a quick preview of what you might miss educationally if you do not attend. The conference is organized around five pathways:

  1. Disrupters
  2. Leadership & Strategy
  3. Learning & Technology
  4. Marketing Communications & Technology
  5. The Business of IT

ASAE Cheif Technology Officer, Reggie Henry, will conduct a pre-conference session that will discuss how technology is disrupting the way associations do business. Questions discussed will be: tech 3

  • How to balance legacy technologies with innovative new ones?
  • Implementing full scale Office 360?
  • Staffing needs in a “cloud first, SaaS model environment?

Other sessions will take up topics such as how small-medium associations manage learning technology with limited resources, and a panel debate on whether the AMS (Association Management System) is dead.

I found the session titled “UX Mind Games” to be particularly interesting. In this session consultants will discuss the characteristics of the most addictive campaigns and websites. Another “don’t miss session” features a panel on how technology alters “how we engage with what we are learning, how we collaborate and interact, and how we manage the overwhelming amount of information available.” In this session the panel will discuss new apps such as Periscope and Meerkat and how Geo-location tools are emerging as part of learning activities and tools. Rich Smolan, the December 15th Keynote speaker “explores how the real-time visualization of data streaming in from satellites, billions of sensors, GPS-enabled cameras, and smartphones is impacting society.”

So if you are an association professional development manager and you need technology inspiration be in DC on December 15/16 for this outstanding networking educational opportunity.