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American Society of Hematology

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) needed a solution that combined all of its online education offerings into one platform and empowered them to host engaging CME content. They turned to Web Courseworks’ CourseStage Health as the solution.


Organization: American Society of Hematology


The American Society of Hematology (ASH) is a professional society that serves both clinicians and scientists who are working to fight blood diseases. The society has more than 18,000 members across 100 countries and aims to foster transformative research and education to elevate the care that members provide to patients with blood and bone marrow disorders.

The Challenges

ASH faced a number of challenges with delivering Continuing Medical Education to its members, leading the organization to seek a new learning management system (LMS).

ASH’s previous LMS was a fully custom-built solution. It hosted content on two different websites (one for on-demand content and one for CME courses), which created a confusing experience for learners.

Additionally, ASH was in the process of moving to a Salesforce-based management system and sought a solution that would work with Salesforce. While the organization found a number of LMS solutions that were Salesforce-oriented, they found few that were also created for CME-specific programming.

Lastly, ASH discovered that knowledge silos existed across the various teams that contributed to the success of its online education program (Education, Training, Publications, Meetings, Communications). The organization needed to find a solution that was useful for all teams using it.

SIR was challenged with elearning technology that was unable to evolve with them.

“Ever since we went live, we have been meeting with the management team from Web Courseworks to talk about where we are heading. I really see that as a partnership.”

Karina Fernandez

Chief Information Officer

The Benefits

Our association LMS has extensive reporting and integrations.

Unified Solution

With CourseStage Health LMS, ASH was able to unite all of its eLearning efforts under one umbrella. The organization is able to host both eLearning courses and on-demand content within one dynamic LMS.

Our association LMS is both adaptive and intuitive.

Customization and Growth

The ASH team works closely with Web Courseworks to optimize its LMS instance to better serve the organization. This allows ASH to make the most of existing LMS features, as well as brainstorm new customizations for the solution that benefit both the organization and others using CourseStage Health LMS.

Our association LMS has native course and quiz authoring.

Removal of Knowledge Silos

During the project, ASH was able to create an eLearning solution that worked for all of the teams at the organization. The project broke down knowledge silos across the organization, encouraging a collaborative learning business environment.

The Results

Custom, White-Labeled Design

CourseStage Health LMS was adjusted to have a fully customized design that matched ASH’s branding and preferred user experience. The organization’s UX designer created a custom course overview block that was then implemented in the solution by Web Courseworks.

Self-Assessment Program

ASH was able to provide a self-assessment program (SAP) for members. The program provided chapters of content for members and self-assessment quizzes, with custom feedback parameters set by ASH. Members were given three tries for each question and received feedback after correct answers.

ACCME PARS Reporting

CourseStage Health LMS equipped the organization with direct reporting to ACCME PARS. Users are able to report credits completed to ACCME PARS from directly within the LMS. The LMS writes data to the ACCME PARS database on-demand. Because the LMS is integrated with ASH’s AMS, any user data required for PARS reporting can be pulled directly from the association management solution.

CRTI and Hematology Review Series

ASH was able to host its CRTI and Hematology Review series in CourseStage Health LMS. The CRTI series, which previously involved trainees meeting and discussing with mentors, was pivoted online. It features a pre- and post-workshop course, discussion boards, and virtual classrooms. The Hematology Review series was a multi-week series that prepared trainees for their board exam. It featured a new disease each week through a prerecorded lecture and review materials.

Webcast Bundles and Session Recordings

ASH has thousands of previous recordings that needed to be moved to the LMS and in some instances, bundled together for sale. This included webcast bundles, annual meeting session recordings, and poster presentations. CourseStage Health LMS allowed ASH to offer customizable, expandable recordings that featured categories and subcategories to effectively display this information.

Expansive Integrations

ASH’s CourseStage Health LMS instance was integrated with several of the organization’s other solutions, including its AMS (Personify), single-sign-on solution, ACCME PARS, multiple video platforms, and Zoom. This empowered a seamless transfer of information between the LMS and the other solutions that ASH uses to drive business operations and user education.

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