Live from ASAE!

Associations benefit greatly from the leadership that ASAE (American Society of Association Executives) provides in building a connected and vibrant “community of practice.”[1]

Notably, ASAE puts on a yearly conference, inviting many prominent companies, speakers, and users to come share their experiences with technology, business innovations, and management techniques beneficial for their professional communities.

Last week’s 2013 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition featured a wealth of knowledge that was shared and learned by the conference’s attendees.

What kinds of learning sessions and information were explored this year?  Who previewed some of the up-and-coming trends for associations to utilize?  What goes on at these conferences?

Despite what your calendar may tell you, you can discover all that and more right now!

Personify TV provided extensive coverage of ASAE for a second year through their Live from ASAE!  channel, and has shared their resources with the broader professional community.

The show may not be live anymore, but you can tune in for cool features like live streaming during next year’s conference!  In the meantime, enjoy browsing through the innovative ideas and conversations shown in this year’s video collection.

What is Personify TV?

Personify TV, produced by Personify Corp, is proving to be an exciting online resource for associations following technology trends and eLearning.  Along with shows such as Personify Nation, Association Tech News, and Best Practices in Association Technology, the Live from ASAE! channel can be found among Personify Corp’s video resources.   Updates on the company’s products and technology news can also be found by following @Personifycorp too!

What’s a good place to start enjoying Personify TV?

For an introduction to Live from ASAE!, Personify Corp’s association-centric products and services, and a sneak peek into some of the exciting technology trends happening around the country, check out the most recent episode of Association Tech News.


Conference Connections

Web Coursework’s very own Jon Aleckson was in attendance at last week’s ASAE conference, sharing the stage with Bill Schankel (SCTE Senior Director of Marketing).

Prior to their “Game On!” session, Aleckson and Schankel sat down with Personify TV’s Live from ASAE! to discuss the exciting opportunities for associations using online games.   They shared their experiences collaborating on a training-based game and how associations can develop online games to meet their needs and engage their clients.  The game, Technology Tower Trivia, was a great success and won a Gold Circle Award.

Check out the interview with Personify TV here!

[1] As coined by Lave & Wenger (1991).

Web Courseworks develops and supports Learning Management Systems specifically for associations looking to provide engaging online trainings for their clients.  Personify Corp specializes in building effective Association Management Systems that help associations create and sustain positive relationships with clients.

Managing eLearning is written by the Blog team at Web Courseworks which includes Jon Aleckson and Meri Tunison. Ideas and concepts are originated and final copy reviewed by Jon Aleckson.