Jeff Cobb has recently added webinars and C-level breakfasts to round out his consultation offerings to the Association space.  His upcoming webinar, entitled “Essentials of LMS Selection: Getting It Right the First Time,” is slated for March 17th.

I am thrilled that Jeff and Celisa had the can-do spirit to build a research and consulting practice dedicated to Association eLearning.  Education departments looking to replace decade old LMS systems or build new eLearning initiatives powered by an LMS have long used their Association LMS report for guidance. As a SaaS supplier of the LMS system called Course Stage, Web Courseworks receives frequent inquiries from Association executives because they have read the report.

Jeff and Celisa know learning management systems; they have literally built several themselves. This puts them in a unique position to provide unbiased information and analysis to Associations. Although we are sponsoring the webinar, I would still recommend it even if we weren’t.