Providing your members with successful education programs requires an Association LMS designed to meet your unique needs. CourseStage Learning Management System (LMS) is an association LMS that enables you to create customized learning experiences, track users’ success, and make data-driven decisions.

We built CourseStage LMS specifically to handle the continuing education and professional development activities of associations. It is an industrial-scale system that continues to grow with you and your organization. Its potential is unlimited.

CourseStage’s Best LMS Software Features for Associations

When your association is searching for the right learning management system for your members, there are so many things to keep in mind. Let’s break down the most important features to ensure an engaging and useful experience for both your members and your team.


CourseStage has innovative course authoring features that allow your team to create engaging experiences directly within the LMS. With these, you can create:

  • Interactive video experiences
  • Learning games
  • Hotspots and drag-and-drop experiences
Our association LMS has native course and quiz authoring.


Effective assessments are essential to test knowledge acquisition and make data-driven decisions about your courses. CourseStage’s quiz engine empowers you to:

  • Categorize and tag questions in the question bank
  • Upload existing questions or author new ones
  • Provide detailed and informative remediation
  • Create adaptive quizzes
  • Proctor high-stakes exams


While we specialize in eLearning, we understand the importance of place-based live training in a well-rounded curriculum. With CourseStage, you access the following features for place-based training:

  • Geolocation registration, so learners can register for events nearby
  • Attendance logs within in the LMS
  • Easy conversion of handouts and other materials into digital resources
With our association LMS, you can easily facilitate social learning environments.


Your learners are inherently social, and just because they’re learning through technology doesn’t mean they don’t want to connect with one another. Empower them with social learning features such as:

  • Member discussion forums
  • Facilitated live chats with SMEs
  • Ongoing updates, such as news and upcoming events
  • Peer-to-peer feedback


Learners don’t seek a uniform experience, and personalization is key in modern eLearning. With CourseStage, you can:

  • Make course recommendations based on the learner’s history (such as past purchases, interests, and more)
  • Provide personalized, dynamic assessments based on learner performance
Our association LMS is both adaptive and intuitive.


CourseStage was designed with your members in mind. It provides an engaging, streamlined experience with the following features:

  • Responsive design regardless of device (desktop, tablet, mobile phones)
  • White-labeled design to align with your established branding
  • Mobile app with automatic sync, enabling offline engagement


With CourseStage, all of your eLearning efforts can live in one place. The platform has a variety of impactful integrations, including those with your:

  • Association management software
  • Constituent relationship management software
  • Event management platform
  • Membership or community platform
  • Webinar platform
  • Curriculum development tools
  • Google Analytics account
  • eCommerce solution
Our association LMS has extensive reporting and integrations.


Reporting is crucial to measure the success of your eLearning programming and discover opportunities for improvement or expansion. CourseStage has features that empower you to understand your learners and programs alike:

  • Site-wide reporting to understand the performance of your courses
  • Psychosomatic reporting to understand the performance of your learners
  • Connections with key programs such as Google Analytics and your eCommerce solution to understand the popularity of certain courses

Learning Management System Benefits for Your Association

Much of our research and development is focused on creating an LMS solution that has benefits for association professionals and their learners alike.

We’ve placed a concentrated focus on automating processes that are commonly manual in other LMS platforms. For example, you can automate enrollment, registrations, email reminders, and notifications. Further, you can clone any existing learning object, create course templates, and save quiz questions for repeated use.

The goal of this focus is to increase administrative efficiency while providing the highest quality product possible to your association’s members. Let’s dive into a few specific benefits of CourseStage LMS in detail.

A Unified Learning Management System

eLearning involves many moving parts, but CourseStage unites all of your association’s learning tech under one umbrella. This allows your systems to communicate with ease and your education programs to be managed from one comprehensive system. This is through features such as:

  • SCORM support
  • Built-in course and assessment authoring
  • Extensive integrations

This drastically simplifies the administrative lift for your team, without sacrificing the quality of learning your members expect.

CourseStage unites all of your eLearning tech into one association LMS.
Our association LMS provides data-driven insights.

Data-Driven eLearning

CourseStage is a data-rich LMS created by a team dedicated to helping your association see true business results. This means that not only can you access comprehensive reporting on your programming and learners alike, but you partner with a team dedicated to helping you reach your goals. With CourseStage, you have access to:

  • The Web Courseworks team, who will work with you to set goals for your educational programs and ensure the LMS helps you reach them.
  • Comprehensive reporting that can provide valuable insights, such as which courses are the highest/lowest-performing, what educational trends exist across your association, and more.

This white-glove service ensures that an investment in CourseStage is worthwhile for years to come.

Room to Grow

CourseStage is a full-featured system, right out of the box. However, it’s also a flexible system— so as your eLearning needs grow, the system can grow with you. For example, CourseStage can adapt if you choose to:

  • Offer a new education program
  • Roll out a new, custom feature
  • And more!

Even further, your team won’t be left alone to make these changes. The Web Courseworks team will support you with best practices and assistance to produce it in CourseStage.

With our association LMS, there is room to grow and customize.
With our association LMS, you can secure non-dues revenue for your association.

Non-Dues Revenue Opportunities

Non-dues revenue is crucial for associations to remain on strong financial footing and continue providing value to members. CourseStage can play a powerful role in securing non-dues revenue opportunities. For example, the solution can help you:

  • Discover the courses members are most interested in experiencing. Then, you can provide the exact courses your learners are seeking.
  • Connect the LMS to your eCommerce platform. This ensures sales are easily facilitated within the LMS.

With this information, you’ll be able to refine your eLearning program and secure more non-dues revenue over time.

Explore testimonials from users of our association LMS.

Why Choose the CourseStage Association Learning Management System


With eLearning on the rise, the landscape for LMS solutions is crowded. Why should you choose CourseStage instead of one of its competitors?

There are a few key factors that make CourseStage stand out from the crowd. For example:

  • Flexibility for growth.
  • White-glove service.
  • Course and adaptive quiz authoring.
  • eCommerce integrations.

While there are a variety of LMS solutions on the market, few make administering an eLearning program as effective as CourseStage.

Building a Learning Management System: FAQs

Who will use our association LMS?


The most common types of organizations that use LMS solutions for their members are:

  • Professional associations.
  • Trade associations.
  • Healthcare associations.

The CourseStage LMSs can meet the unique needs of each association.

Throughout this page, we’ve highlighted the benefits of CourseStage for professional associations. But, there are CourseStage solutions for trade and healthcare associations as well.

For example, trade associations cater to organizations and businesses, which are then responsible for delegating coursework to their employees. Further, healthcare associations often need LMS systems that can manage the advanced credit tracking and certification needed in the medical field. Because of this, CourseStage Trade and CourseStage Health were created to meet the unique needs of trade and healthcare associations.

When it comes to who will use your association’s LMS, the people that will benefit the most are your members. It’s important to keep member experience in mind and ensure you’re choosing a system that allows for easy, secure login, the ability to access transcripts with credits and certificates, and a simple course registration process.


Why should we purchase association learning technology?


Your association may not currently use a learning management system, but the time will come when it will be an important part of your association’s offerings.

There are a few different scenarios where your association might benefit from investing in an LMS. For example:

  • When you’ve suddenly increased your member population and can no longer distribute educational content and assess learning in a practical or manageable way on your own.
  • If you hosted a conference and need a way for those who couldn’t attend to complete the courses and gain the relevant certifications.
  • Your instructors are no longer able to administer and grade assessments in a timely manner.
  • Your conferences, conventions, and in-person educational meetings are seeing a dip in attendance because people aren’t able to make the commitment to traveling.

In all of these situations, your association could benefit in terms of both member engagement and non-dues revenue if you offered virtual courses through an LMS.


Additional Association LMS Resources


To learn more about CourseStage and using an LMS to administer your association’s eLearning, explore the following additional resources:


First, we had to focus on the enhanced member experience which is re-creating the online community in the LMS. Second, we wanted to find a partner that would help us leverage the technology to create diversified business streams to sell learning and re-sell the platform. We are very pleased with the collaborative attentiveness from their CEO and everyone there to help us build these opportunities in a true partnership. 

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