Providing your members with successful education programs requires an Association LMS designed to meet your unique needs. CourseStage Learning Management System (LMS) is an association LMS that enables you to create customized learning experiences, track users’ success, and make data-driven decisions. We built CourseStage LMS specifically to handle continuing education and professional development activities of associations. It is an industrial-scale system that continues to grow with you and your organization. Its potential is unlimited.

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First, we had to focus on the enhanced member experience which is re-creating the online community in the LMS. Second, we wanted to find a partner that would help us leverage the technology to create diversified business streams to sell learning and re-sell the platform. We are very pleased with the collaborative attentiveness from their CEO and everyone there to help us build these opportunities in a true partnership. 

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CourseStage’s Best LMS Software Features for Associations

When your association is searching for the right learning management system for your members, there are so many things to keep in mind. Let’s break down the most important features to ensure an engaging and useful experience for both your members and your team.


The content in a learning management system is dependent on its presentation: how engaging is it? We have incorporated the best authoring tools available in the industry into CourseStage LMS. Our video tool allows you to add interactions with a click; you can build and play games directly in the LMS, add hotspots and create interactive drag-and-drop experiences.


With built-in authoring tools, SCORM support, webinar integrations, and curriculum development tools, all of your education programs can live in one place! Our integrated approach guarantees that all your systems can communicate with ease: AMS, CRM, event management systems, community platforms, or any other third party systems.


You need a built-in quiz engine in order to make data-driven decisions, and CourseStage LMS has a versatile, feature-rich one. Use the question bank to categorize and tag your questions, upload your existing questions or create them right in the system, provide learners with detailed/informative remediation, create adaptive quizzes and even proctor high-stakes exams.


Our association LMS was designed with your members in mind, and our responsive design ensures the best and most engaging learning experience, regardless of the device used (desktop, tablet or phone) or its features (screen size, platform and orientation). Furthermore, our interface is brandable, giving you the ability to create your own well-known branded experience. And our mobile app enables offline interaction with automatic sync.


eLearning may be our bread and butter, but we know the importance of incorporating place-based live-training into your curriculum. Through geolocation registration, learners can register for physical events near them, instructors can take attendance right within our LMS, and you can convert handouts and other materials into online resources at any time.


Because our clients offer many different learning formats and multiple departments are using their LMS, we work extensively with each client to ensure the LMS meets their business requirements. From there, we don’t just hand you a platform, we work with you to set goals for your education programs and ensure CourseStage LMS is helping you to exceed those.


From measurements and psychometrics to site-wide reporting, CourseStage offers you comprehensive reporting functionality so that you can continue to best understand your learners. Additionally, link CourseStage with Google Analytics or your eCommerce solution and you’ll gain even more insight into your programs.


CourseStage is a flexible system, able to support your current education programs and your future needs. When you’re ready to offer a new education program, we will be ready to discuss best practices we’ve seen and to help you produce it in CourseStage. You won’t see minimum fees for “customizations”, because our base product is full featured. And if you do want to do something unique, we welcome the opportunity to add the feature into CourseStage for all to benefit from!


Give your members a space to share knowledge and discuss best practices. Social learning can be as simple as a discussion forum or as hands-on as a facilitated live chat with a SME. Provide an ongoing conversation with members by sharing your recent news and upcoming events. Encourage peer-to-peer feedback to promote a collaborative community of learners.


Creating a personalized learning experience is more important today than ever before. You can recommend courses to your learners based on their history in the LMS, past purchases, interests, and more. You can also personalize assessments with dynamic quizzes that provide a different set of questions depending on learner performance.

Much of our research and development is focused on automating processes that are manual in other extended enterprise learning management software platforms: for example, we have automated enrollments and registrations, cloning any learning object, aggregating learning analytics across the site, issuing email reminders and notifications, creating course templates, and saving quiz questions in banks for repeated use.

Your association’s LMS should increase administrative efficiency while offering the highest possible quality product to your members.


What is association learning technology?

Association learning technology is the software that associations use to offer continuing education resources to their members. The most common is a learning management system, or LMS. A learning management system is a software that associations use to host courses, certifications, accreditations, and transcripts of credits for professionals.

Within the system, members can take classes and earn credits to maintain their licensure in their profession, as well as learn more about best practices, cutting edge research, and new techniques. 

What types of organizations use LMS solutions?

The most common types of organizations that use LMS solutions for their members are:

Trade and healthcare associations both have unique needs due to their clientele. Trade associations cater to organizations and businesses, rather than individuals. The business is then responsible for designating coursework to their employees, rather than the association.

Healthcare associations need learning management systems because the careers of their members rely on those members having access to continuing education, in order to stay on top of research, trends, and maintain their certification as a healthcare professional.

Who will use our association LMS?

The people who benefit from the LMS the most are the members of your association. When picking out the right learning management system for your organization, consider the user experience that your members will have.

They should be able to log in easily with their existing credentials, access their transcripts with credits and certificates, and register for courses without having to rely on customer support.

Why should we purchase association learning technology?

Your association may not currently use a learning management system, but the time will come when it will be an important part of your association’s offerings!

Some different scenarios in which your association will benefit from using an LMS solution could be:

  • When you’ve suddenly increased your member population and can no longer distribute educational content and assess learning in a practical or manageable way on your own.
  • If you hosted a conference and need a way for those who couldn’t attend to complete the courses and gain the relevant certifications.
  • Your instructors are no longer able to administer and grade assessments in a timely manner.
  • Your conferences, conventions, and in-person educational meetings are seeing a dip in attendance because people aren’t able to make the commitment to traveling.

In all of these situations, your association could benefit in terms of both member engagement and non-dues revenue if you offered virtual courses through an LMS.

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