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Choosing the right Continuing Medical Education Learning Management System (CME LMS) is important for your association’s ability to provide value to your members. CourseStage Health offers healthcare-specific features and functionality for associations providing critical CME.

Features and Functionality

CourseStage Health is already designed to meet the specific accreditation regulations and professional development requirements of CME and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE).

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ACCME Program & Activity Reporting System (PARS) Reporting

Performance Improvement Modules

Pre- and Post-Test Comparisons

Psychometric Reporting

Peer Benchmarking

Web Courseworks has made a commitment to having a very positive and solution based business relationship outside of just the engagement and technology as a whole. I think that has really helped us work together as a team, for the mission and vision that we have with our learning.

American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

Continuing Medical Education: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CME?

CME (an acronym for continuing medical education) consists of educational activities for medical and healthcare professionals that maintain and develop the skills required to continue practicing medicine.

Examples of CME include:

  • Courses or conferences focused on teaching improvements to existing techniques and standards.
  • Management or educational methodology for practitioners who manage or teach in schools and hospitals.
  • Courses or conferences focused on interdisciplinary topics that are relevant to clinical practice, like sociological or psychological understandings related to patient care.

While CME is a necessary step for licensed medical professionals to maintain their licensure, it also offers critical insight into industry developments and training in new medical technologies and practices.

Examples of continuing medical education include: 

  • Courses or conferences focused on teaching improvements to existing techniques and standards.
  • Management or educational methodology for practitioners who manage or teach in schools and hospitals.
  • Courses or conferences focused on interdisciplinary topics that are relevant to clinical practice, like sociological or psychological understandings related to patient care.

The purpose of CME is to ensure that all practicing medical professionals maintain and develop their medical and healthcare knowledge, in order to continue providing the highest quality care to patients.

What Is the Purpose of CME?

The purpose of CME is to facilitate lifelong learning for all practicing medical professionals. By participating in regular continuing medical education, physicians and other medical professionals can maintain and develop their medical and healthcare knowledge, update their best practices, and provide the highest quality care to patients.

Who Needs CME?

Anyone employed in the healthcare industry will require varying levels of continuing education to maintain their licensure or accreditation. There are a few positions, however, that require medical-specific continuing education. Those professions include:

  • Doctors.
  • Nurses.
  • Allied health professionals.

Allied health professionals are individuals who are not doctors or nurses, but still provide a hands-on patient-facing service during medical care, such as lab techs, EMTs, chemotherapy technicians, and more.

To remain employed at hospitals or in doctors’ offices or keep one’s medical license, healthcare professionals must earn a certain number of CME credits per year. The number of credits depends on the state’s medical licensing board.

How Can a CME LMS Help Your Healthcare Association?

Your association aims to provide value to your members: the healthcare professionals that our society relies on. To help these professionals succeed in their careers, your association should invest in a CME LMS.

Through a CME LMS, your members will be able to easily and conveniently claim their credits and maintain their licensure. Your association can create the most functional and understandable courses possible, all while offering engaging learning strategies to your members.

Ultimately, a robust and reliable CME LMS can help your healthcare association decrease the amount of time your administrators and developers spend creating ACCME-compliant courses (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) and increase your members’ satisfaction. 

What Are Medical Professionals Looking for in a CME LMS?

While everyone learns differently and has different styles, some features in a healthcare LMS are valuable to everyone. Those features include:

  • Self-reported credits, so that professionals with previous CME experience outside of your association can record their achievements in your system.
  • Self-assessment within the LMS, so that learners know the best course of action for their career development.
  • Convenience of use, because medical professionals are busy people! If the CME LMS is difficult to use or understand, or if it doesn’t support use on a tablet or phone, then your members won’t enjoy using the LMS.

For the greatest impact, keep these crucial aspects in mind when deciding on the right learning management system for your healthcare association. For example, we built CourseStage LMS specifically with the continuing education and professional development activities of healthcare associations in mind.

Download our CourseStage Fact Sheet to learn more.

Healthcare LMS Solutions for Associations


Some associations are hosting CME across seven platforms. That’s six too many! CourseStage Health ensures you can award and track multiple credit types per continuing medical education activity all in one place. Our solution supports ACCME-compliant credit claiming processes and can automatically generate dynamic PDF certificates.


Our performance improvement functionality enables you to offer cutting-edge, on-demand MOC Part IV continuing medical education activities for your learners. Your instructional designers and content creators can collect pre- and post-performance data, and learners can see visual reports on performance metrics.


Are you seeing staff turnover because of outdated systems that require extensive manual work? Lessen your administrative burden with the ability to document accredited continuing medical education courses and learning modules and then report out for ACCME PARS requirements. Advanced psychometric reporting offers rich statistics for internal analysis of educational efficacy and reporting on learner performance to third-party entities.


Built-in advanced item analysis, internal consistency and reliability, and other psychometric reporting offer rich statistics for internal analysis on top of standard multiple question types, including multimedia assessments, question banking, randomization, timing and proctoring capabilities, and branching assessments.


If you’re seeing declining or stagnant membership numbers, Web Courseworks can help. Because healthcare professionals will likely need to share their CME credits with employers and accreditors, CourseStage Health LMS empowers and retains learners with a professional learning portfolio. As a result, you can offer learners the ability to store their previously earned CME credits in one place, thereby creating long-term value with their own centralized educational development storage portfolio.


One way to increase your member engagement while providing additional value is through virtual events. With CourseStage Health’s CME LMS, healthcare associations can host virtual learning events, conferences, and training sessions. As a result, learners can make meaningful professional connections and have a positive learning experience.


Even though the CourseStage CME LMS is fully-functional out-of-the-box, it can also be customized to create unique learning experiences and assessments, track specific metrics, and grow with—rather than impeded—your organization. Its potential is unlimited!


Allow your health professionals to get instant feedback by comparing their own learning performance against that of their peers. With your CME LMS, offer options for learners to compare rankings, aggregate scores, and item-by-item responses both against their personal performance and historical performance site-wide.


Often, loss of revenue is the simple result of members not knowing what learning courses to take next. CourseStage Health’s CME LMS is designed to offer personalized learning recommendations that will guide learners along their chosen professional development paths. Learners can identify and track their progress, and determine opportunities for future performance improvement.

Explore this downloadable resource to discover the CME LMS features that will power your association.

CME LMS Success Stories

The American Society of Hematology

Having produced a large number of CME courses, The American Society of Hematology (ASH) was looking for a way to consolidate, organize, and share its many offerings in a single location. ASH had to figure out how to package a ton of content, from their CRTI and Hematology Review Series to thousands of previous webcast recordings, in a new, engaging way. Luckily, Web Courseworks’ CourseStage Health LMS offered a way for ASH to bring together its eLearning courses and on-demand content under one accessible roof.

The Society of Interventional Radiology

When the Society of Interventional Radiology was planning its two-year Residency Essentials curriculum for universities and hospitals, they needed a way to efficiently deliver the program to interventional radiology residents across the United States. Moreover, they wanted this program to be both scalable and customizable to each institution administering it. After a wide search, they eventually landed on CourseStage Health LMS because of its subportal features, prioritizing customizability, cohesive reporting, and ease-of-use. As a result, they opened 96 fully customized learning portals and increased non-dues revenue by 83%.

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