We understand Trade Associations and the complexity of selling education to organizational members versus individual members. CourseStage Trade, our Trade Association LMS, has unique features to meet your needs. Provide your organizational members with their very own co-branded portal and give them control to track their employees. Our trade association clients have seen exponential administrative efficiencies and increased member interest in their education offerings. Let us show you some examples by requesting a demo today!

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We employ the use of sub-portals in our instance of CourseStage LMS which allows us to host our client’s courses within their version of the LMS. These sub-portals also allow for customization for each specific portal that is created. The sub-portals have been great and offer a way to extend the outreach of a client’s education programs.

International Association of Plastics Distributors



We know a solution that scales for your enterprise is important and CourseStage gives you the tools to make this manageable. You can create co-branded sub-portals with segmented reporting to stay organized in a way that makes sense for you and your corporate members.


CourseStage Trade’s flexibility allows you to offer your corporate members a variety of purchasing options from a full Ecommerce model to individual purchase orders and invoices. Members can also purchase seats in bulk and register their employees as they sign up for the courses.


CourseStage Trade supports self-reported learning: the learners submit their own course participation details and their performance results. Our Certification Management system supports multi-credit scenarios our competency-based learning tracks outcomes to demonstrate mastery; and our course recommendations are learner-specific, directing learners to personalized learning opportunities.


eLearning may be our bread and butter, but we know the importance of incorporating place-based live-training into your curriculum. Through geolocation registration, learners can register for physical events near them, instructors can take attendance right within our LMS, and you can convert handouts and other materials into online resources at any time.


Schedule reports to be emailed to your corporate members for increased administrative efficiencies. Your member-admins can also track and manage their own learners with ease (and can’t see anyone else’s!).


Our catalog lets you drop in your advertisements to promote your upcoming conference, upsell a similar product or cross-sell by allowing members to compare products. Increase non-dues revenue with member-only coupons and more built-in marketing features.

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