Association ECommerce Tool

Association eCommerce Tool

What are important features in an e-commerce system for member organizations? Download our printable checklist to help you determine the best fit for your organization. Checklist includes features under the below categories: Front end functionality, Advertising, LMS functionality, AMS functionality, Payment, Sales
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How Population Health Is Changing CME

How Population Health is Changing CME

Data analytics touch many aspects of our modern lives. Whether users are asking Siri for directions or searching for information on Google, companies use large swaths of data to better serve its users. The medical community is no exception. There have been recent changes in methods of storing patient records to changes in medical law. Both are a general drive toward a healthcare system that rewards quality of care and better patient outcomes. This change has implications for the online education of both doctors and patients. In this white paper, we explore these innovations in healthcare.
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