BranchTrack is a web-based, scenario authoring tool. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. BranchTrack comes with built-in characters for rapid authoring. In addition, each character posseses a range of poses and emotions, giving authors more time to focus on building the scenario than recreating character expressions. The value of scenarios comes from a more engaging and realistic source of instruction. BranchTrack places learners in situations they would face in real life, giving them a better understanding of specific use case situations and how to handle them. Scenario-based learning also allows for exploration of the learner, such as failing, which is important for them to understand and grow from in a safe environment (rather than real-world consequences).

Features of BranchTrack

  • Web-based Authoring
  • Characters and Backgrounds Available
  • Branded Scenarios
  • Fully Responsive SCORM Capabilities
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Review and Collaborate
  • Video Based Authoring Available
  • Voice Over Options