brandon hall history


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The Brandon Hall awards first started in 1994 as an initiative to award innovative leaders in the learning industry.  Now, 23 years later, it is recognized as the most prestigious award to receive in the learning industry. In 1999, there was only one category to be awarded in, whereas today there are over 100 categories in which organizations attempt to prove the success of their program, strategy, model, process, system or tool to the Brandon Hall judges. Brandon Hall’s acclaimed awards, The Excellence Awards, are broken down into two separate application programs. The spring cycle is for the Human Capital Management Excellent Awards which are made up of the following categories: Learning & Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Sales Performance, Workforce Management, and Talent Acquisition. The fall cycle is for the Excellence in Technology Awards and accepts applications only for learning, HR and training technology.

The recipients of both award periods are able to attend the HCM Excellence Conference. The conference takes place once a year, and has many of the gold medalists speak and share their own success story. The conference is also open to anyone in the learning community, and brings the industry together in order for attendees to collaborate, and share ideas and challenges among the thought leaders of the industry. Brandon Hall has been nicknamed, the “Academy Awards” of the learning industry, exemplifying the prestige of the award, and the dedication it takes to be one of the recipients.

Web Courseworks received a bronze in Excellence in Technology for Best Advance in Performance Management Technology. The award was given to Web Courseworks’ Quality Improvement Education program (QIE). Web Courseworks has created eLearning software for corporations, national associations and medical societies since 1979. This specific program focuses on helping improve the performance of adult learners. The program is set up for a learner to move through a list of activities in order to evaluate pre and post performance of the learner.

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