Build a MOOC like Harvard: Laying the Groundwork at ASAE’s Great Ideas 2015 —

Next week I’ll be presenting a session during ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference 2015 in Orlando, FL. This year’s event is all about innovative journeys. I’ll be contributing to the excitement with my session on how to Build a MOOC like Harvard. This event has always been a worthwhile trip because of the event’s commitment to providing a platform for association-relevant, great ideas that can become executable actions.

During my session, I’ll delve into when conditions are right for an association to develop a MOOC, why associations should create them, how to keep the project scope manageable for staff, and how to give away intellectual property at little cost. The MOOC model used by higher education institutions has been very successful, but my focus for this conference will be on tailoring the model to associations and their members. Associations and groups looking to provide valuable professional development opportunities to members are well-positioned to capitalize on what makes the MOOC format so popular and successful given the learning management solutions they may already have in place. Developing a MOOC is a worthwhile innovative journey to say the least.

I’m looking forward to other sessions that are also sure to ignite innovative journeys. The general sessions have a strong focus on figuring out where great ideas come from and doing your best work every day so you can put all of the great ideas gathered at this conference into practice. The opening session is presented by Alan Gregerman, a best-selling author, speaking on The Necessity of Strangers: New Insights for Unlocking the Brilliance in Yourself, Your Organization, and the World Around You. The closing session is presented by Todd Henry, speaker, creative consultant and coach, on how to do your best work every day entitled, Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day.

Build a MOOC like Harvard will be presented on Monday, March 9th from 3-3:30pm. Check out the complete schedule for more valuable sessions at this year’s Great Ideas Conference.

For more on the topic of MOOCs, check out this resource: