When And How To Select An LMS For Your Association

When and How to Select an LMS for Your Association

Successful education programs within an association entail harmonizing a diverse array of software systems. Associations must be familiar with the tools at their disposal. A Learning Management System (LMS) can be a crucial asset for managing education programs. Because every association’s learning mission is unique, there is no single strategy for success. The following whitepaper outlines the approach associations ought to take when deciding whether to implement an LMS and how to select one that is an appropriate fit for your association.
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How Population Health Is Changing CME

How Population Health is Changing CME

Data analytics touch many aspects of our modern lives. Whether users are asking Siri for directions or searching for information on Google, companies use large swaths of data to better serve its users. The medical community is no exception. There have been recent changes in methods of storing patient records to changes in medical law. Both are a general drive toward a healthcare system that rewards quality of care and better patient outcomes. This change has implications for the online education of both doctors and patients. In this white paper, we explore these innovations in healthcare.
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AR And VR Augment Your Learning

AR and VR Augment Your Learning

Augmented reality. Virtual reality. You might be familiar with these terms if you’re a gamer or a tech enthusiast. If you’re not, there’s a good chance that you haven’t encountered these terms. Regardless, augmented reality and virtual reality are gaining popularity and ubiquity in a way that we’ve never seen throughout the course of history. Although there had been some serious attempts at developing the technology in the past, we are finally at a point when our technology is powerful enough and portable enough to gain traction in these fields.
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XAPI: Beyond The Hype

xAPI: Beyond the Hype

Every professional has tools that are unique to their trade. Farmers use tractors, doctors use stethoscopes, and accountants use spreadsheets. The tools we use not only shape the work we do, but also affect the way we think about the work we do. They change the way we solve problems in our particular field.
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Next-Generation CME

Next-Generation CME

An increasing fraction of healthcare research dollars is going to research on CME: how to more effectively disseminate new knowledge and skills throughout the medical community. In this white paper we explore four new directions in CME research that have taken shape over the past few years: point-of-care CME, social media, simulation, and spaced learning. We summarize key findings in each area and analyze their potential impacts on the CME landscape. The paper also includes resources for further reading on these topics.
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Using Badges To Drive Member Engagement

Using Badges to Drive Member Engagement

If you’re like most professional associations, you want to be at the top of your members’ minds when they think about their profession. You want to be the first stop for your members’ professional education and certification. As a result, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to serve your members better. Enter badges. Fill out the form to download our whitepaper, "Using Badges to Drive Member Engagement."
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