CourseStage Channel

Partners power growth. Expert partners power more growth. We understand the complexities and opportunities that arise when tasked with training your channel partners on your offerings. CourseStage Channel is the perfect solution to increase your bottom line. We know that supporting the relationships with your partner channel, supply chain, resellers, wholesalers, internal employees, and/or franchises can make or break the overall success of your company. Our solution is exactly that…more than technology.

Instead an entire ideology around implementing the perfect learning strategy to attain (and smash) your goals. Our clients have seen immense growth through our Channel Learning Solution. Let us show you how we can help your company see this additional source of revenue today by requesting a demo below!




Whether with built-in course authoring tools, SCORM support, webinar integrations, or curriculum development tools, we integrate with all of the must-haves AND most of the nice-to-haves so your educational training components can live in one place. This integrated learning approach ensures your CRM (SalesForce, we’re looking at you), AMS, event management system, community platforms, and more are all communicating with ease.


We are more than a Learning Management System. We are a group of experts in the industry that have been providing learning solutions to our customers for forty years. This is all we do. Our implementation, project management, onboarding, strategic learning, technical support, and content development experts are standing by to ensure this initiative is your best one yet. Night or day, near or far, phone or email, we have your back.


Whether measuring effectiveness of your offerings to your supply chain, resellers, or partner channel, CourseStage Channel offers you comprehensive reporting functionality so that you can best understand your learners. Additionally, Google Analytics link with our platforms to ensure you have the best insight into your solution. Use the information you gather to continue to make the best decisions about your channel learning solution.


We understand your bottom line drives most business decisions. Because our clients offer numerous different learning formats to numerous different outside partners, our team of experts works hard to ensure your learning management system meets all your business requirements. We don’t just hand you software, we work with you to set goals and ensure our CourseStage Channel LMS is bringing you the quickest return on investment.


The platform is custom and unique to your business, but that doesn’t mean that overall management and administration should be a pain. Our channel learning solution ensures that you can support numerous learner permissions and administrative roles. CourseStage Channel makes certification and assessments, profile management, course and content uploads, and overall grading and reporting a breeze.


It’s your investment, but ensuring your partners have a great learning experience means more value back from each dollar you spend. We have top-ranked reviews on ease of training and accessing our platform. Our responsive design ensures top engagement regardless of device used, and that paired with our mobile app which enables offline interaction, we are all about supporting the end users’ efforts.