Is there potential for developing a broader reach for your existing internal Continued Medical Education (CME) activities? What would be involved? Does your content strategy value only “in-the-moment” or to a greater audience? These are just a few questions that will be answered during Tami Bonnett-Admi’s webinar on January 30th at 11:30 CT. In order to provide a closer look at what you can expect to learn during January’s Thought Leader WebinarDr. Andy Hicken, Web Courseworks’ Director of Quality and Strategy, interviewed Tami Bonnett-Admi, CEO of 3GEM Consulting, on January 8th.

Tami has been part of the eLearning industry for over 10 years and is now thriving in her current business endeavor, 3GEM. 3GEM is a boutique consulting firm providing expertise in E-learning, Education Management, Product Management and more! Her webinar will bring light to how young professionals in the medical field are thinking and why a CME content strategy is essential to appropriately reaching these individuals.

Andy Hicken: “Do you want to tell us about the webinar and a preview of what it will be about?”

Tami explains the rapid changes that are occurring in CME. With new professionals entering the field, and coming out of college, they are expecting more. Tami will be discussing how to make CME content meet those expectations.


Andy Hicken: “What is the scope of content strategy and why should organizations that are doing continuing education or continuing professional development care about content strategy?”

From Tami’s experiences, she has found that a lot of CME content is done from the end forward, rather than from the forward to the end. For a successful strategy, organizations need to pin point their end goals and learner outcomes.


Andy Hicken: The title of the webinar mentions CME content specifically, what is distinctive about CME content strategies?

The audience, being physicians and other medical professionals, differs from other audiences because they have very high expectations in the content they are receiving. This is why it is so important to be executing content that is efficient, letting them know exactly what they need to know and when they need to know it.


Andy Hicken: Who should attend this webinar?

CME content providers and anyone who is involved in the building of CME content would benefit most from this webinar.


Tami is excited to be presenting the 5 Steps to a CME Digital Content Strategy on January 30th at 11:30 CT. This webinar will review steps for determining how to corral the enormous body of content available to your organization and determine the potential for leveraging activities in a digital format to create greater ROI and to meet the needs of today’s busy physicians. Sign up for this webinar today by clicking below!

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