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Our eLearning Consulting Services

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The mission of our eLearning consulting practice is to help each of our clients grow their online learning businesses. Our collective experience teaching online courses, our serious approach to staying abreast of the latest eLearning technology, and our hands-on experience as innovators make us the ideal eLearning consultant for you and your online learning business strategy.

Digital Transformation

When working with a Web Courseworks eLearning consultant, the process begins with internal and external environmental scans. This allows us to understand your learning business challenges, goals, current metrics, and your organization’s members’ attitudes regarding your eLearning offerings.

Tech Stack Review

Our online learning consultants keep up with and analyze technology industry trends and will conduct a review to compare your tech stack against them. Our LMS consulting services include an assessment of potential revenue opportunities for your learning business and developing a strategic framework for accessing them.

Pricing Educational Products

The price you charge for courses should match the value they deliver, but this can be easier said than done if you’re working alone. We partner with Pricing for Associations, empowering our eLearning consultants to provide a well-informed pricing and valuation strategy for your education products before you launch (or re-launch) them to your audience.

Instructional Design

A Web Courseworks eLearning consultant can provide a big-picture strategy for your learning business as well as assistance with individual courses within your program. Our instructional design services ensure that you offer engaging and valuable resources to each of your learners.

Working with SMEs

We understand that your team may not have the time to coordinate with subject matter experts (SMEs) as much as necessary to create effective courses. Our eLearning consultants provide SME management to ensure all parties are working in tandem.

Next Generation Online Learning

Looking to make the most of trends in the eLearning sphere? Whether your customers are looking for spaced assessments or podcasts, Web Courseworks eLearning and LMS consulting can help you create innovative content that outperforms the competition.

Our eLearning Consulting Process

Our eLearning consulting process follows a three-phased approach, through which our online learning consultants obtain a full picture of your organization’s needs and goals before developing a strategy to elevate your program. These phases include the following steps:

1. Evaluate organizational readiness. Looking at your organization’s internal staff and operating environment, we aim to understand your association’s capacity to implement changes to your learning business. This step allows us to understand the level of support that your team will need along the way.

2. Conduct an environmental scan. Our professional consultants will evaluate your association’s competition, whether there is an existing target market for your educational products, and if so, what your audience is seeking.

3. Prepare the final report. We compile our recommendations into a tangible plan for your team to begin improving your learning business. From there, you can continue working with our team to bring those optimizations to life.

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Benefits of Web Courseworks’ LMS Consulting Services

Web Courseworks consulting clients experience numerous benefits when working with our team.

Our team has decades of collective experience working in the eLearning industry, including LMS design and development, instructional design, and general learning business management. We encourage ongoing professional development for all employees and make lifelong learning a priority. This filters down to our clients, who benefit from our innovative and forward-thinking approach to eLearning.

We provide white-glove service to all learning businesses that we consult with. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide custom strategies and solutions to overcome each organization’s unique challenges.

Explore a few case studies from our clients to see our work in action.

American Society of Hematology

Our team empowered ASH with an eLearning solution that combined its online education offerings into one platform, giving them the ability to host engaging online CME content.

“Ever since we went live, we have been meeting with the management team from Web Courseworks to talk about where we are heading. I really see that as a partnership.”

Karina Fernandez, Chief Information Officer

Explore the case study.

The Institute of Real Estate Management

Our team helped IREM incorporate both blended learning and video conferencing into its learning business in a way that created a valuable experience for members.

“This whole effort has prompted us to implement new tools within the LMS that will carry us forward into coming years. In partnership with Web Courseworks, we were able to come back to market within six short weeks and get up and running again, maintain that revenue stream, and keep our students going through the program, which has just been fantastic.”

Suzanne Hill, Director of Knowledge Solutions

Explore the case study.

American Medical Technologists

Our team worked closely with AMT to help redefine its learning business rules and align its LMS to create a cohesive learning environment that matched learner needs.

“We normally now only see about 3% of our overall members that call in with any sort of question regarding the LMS.”

John Poeltler, Instructional Technologist

Explore the full case study.

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