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Content Curation in 2017

National associations or “communities of practice” have been in the business of content curation for many years: publishing journals, books containing the community’s body of knowledge, and face to face educational sessions.  Even museums hire curators to tell stories through assembling artifacts. Aside from the traditional ways of content curation, digital content curation has been growing, increasing membership and advancing membership knowledge. Associations have found digital curation strategies necessary to deliver content to members in the most effective way.  By providing members with information in a structured, easy to understand way, associations have been able to build their membership and enhance learning. More and more association educators have been curating digital information for constructing formal educational products delivered online.  These are products the learner earns continuing education credits for taking.

I’ve thought of this association education strategy, from informal content curation to online learning as “making the informal digital learning nuggets formal.” Curating this content can be tricky and associations may decide to hire a digital curator.  It is true, we are all curators when we collect interesting articles and share them with our colleagues; but what I’m talking about is an Education Department initiative to make digital curation a strategic direction. Knowledge is power and the conversion and improvement of digital curation can be made simple!

Improving Your Content Curation

David Kelly, of the eLearning Guild, will be speaking at our September 26th eLearning Thought Leader Webinar.  David has been speaking around the world to educate viewers about the importance of a serious curation strategy for creators of online educational products.  In this webinar, he will share the three major components of curation efforts, discussing skills that the most successful digital curators must have. He will also share case studies of corporate Learning and Development Departments that have been very successful. Be sure to sign up here to attend and discover innovative delivery of artifacts that help tell new stories in a formal online learning environment.


The man himself, David Kelly:  Curated L&D Content for the Week on LinkedIn.

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