coursestage health

CourseStage Health LMS provides the same feature-rich experience as CourseStage, but is further enhanced with Healthcare/Medical industry functionality. In professional development, healthcare associations tend to have especially rigorous requirements because of accreditation regulations around CME, CNE, and other types of continuing education. We offer a set of features that matter to you, including PARS reporting, performance improvement, and psychometric reporting including item analysis, peer benchmarking, and pre-post comparison. CourseStage Health meets accreditation requirements around how learners are awarded credit, without a customization.

“Web Courseworks has made a commitment to having a very positive and solution based business relationship outside of just the engagement and technology as a whole. I think that has really helped us work together as a team, not only for the mission and vision that we have with our learning.”

“We have seen metrics on how users are accessing and using our learning modules, and we’ve seen a major revenue increase in that area, which has contributed to a surplus in our fiscal year 17 budget.” -Dean Comber

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

“We are scheduled to be live with the Coursestage LMS by Web Courseworks in the latter half of January, 2018.  I could not be more pleased with the implementation process.  As accredited providers of CME credit, the Web Courseworks solution allows us to leverage the LMS to provide the high quality of service our learners demand.  In addition, providing our learners with a full-circle system experience is crucial, from the time they log in to their association account to the time they claim their course certificate.  The Web Courseworks implementation team has been able to provide us with the integration elements we require for us to deliver this experience.” -Rusty Howell, M.A.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine



CourseStage Health ensures you can award and track multiple credit types per activity. Our solution supports ACCME-compliant credit claiming processes and can automatically generate dynamic PDF certificates.


Our performance improvement functionality enables you the ability to offer cutting-edge, on-demand MOC Part IV activities for your learners. Your instructional designers and content creators can collect pre and post performance data, and learners can see graphical reports on performance metrics.


Advanced item analysis, internal consistency and reliability, and other psychometric reporting offer rich statistics for internal analysis on top of your standard multiple question types, multimedia assessments, question banking, randomization, timing and proctoring capabilities, and branching assessments.


Allow learners to get instant feedback as they can compare their own performance against that of their peers. Compare ranking, aggregate scores, and item-by-item responses both within an individual course and against historical performance site-wide.


Lessen your administrative burden with the ability to document accredited courses and learning modules and then report out for ACCME PARS compatibility requirements. Advanced psychometric reporting offers rich statistics for internal analysis of educational efficacy and reporting on learner performance to third-party entities.


Offer personalized learning recommendations to guide learners along unique professional development paths for lifelong learning. Help learners continuously identify, track, and self-assess opportunities for performance improvement in the future.


Learners can submit details of their participation and earned CME credit outside of CourseStage to the LMS for approval and placement into their CourseStage learning portfolio. This gives your learners a central home for all credit earning activities and makes you their go-to source for their education portfolio.