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Providing successful education programs at an association demands a Next-Gen Learning Experience Platform. CourseStage Learning Management System (LMS) isn’t just a platform to house your content, it enables you to create learning experiences and track those experiences to make data-driven decisions. CourseStage LMS is purpose-built for continuing education and professional development. Our LMS is an industrial-scale system that helps organizations keep growing after they’ve bumped up against the limits of earlier systems or custom solutions.

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“Web Courseworks worked closely with us to meet our course integration and management needs. We have a highly specialized nature of material within the clinical trial industry and Web Courseworks worked with us to assure our courses were properly attuned to our global existence.”

Association of Clinical Research Professionals



Our LMS has been designed inside and out with the learner in mind. Responsive design ensures the best experience, regardless of iOS or Android device. Our brandable interface gives you the ability to create familiar, branded experiences. And our mobile app enables offline interaction with automatic sync.


With built-in authoring tools, SCORM support, webinar integrations, and curriculum development tools, all of your education programs can live in one place! Our team of experts ensures all your systems are talking with ease whether that’s AMS, CRM, event management systems, community platforms, or other third-parties.


A learning management system is only as good as the content within it, and we have hyper-focused our energy into ensuring you have the best authoring tools available in the industry. Our built in video engagement tool allows you to rapidly add interactivity, you can build and play games directly in the LMS, add hotspots, and create drag and drop experiences.


Built-in quiz engines aren’t easy to come by, but are extraordinarily important for making data driven decisions. Utilize the question bank to categorize and tag your questions, upload your existing questions or create from scratch in the system, provide learners with rich-text feedback, create adaptive quizzes and even proctor high-stakes exams.


Give your members a space to share knowledge and discuss best practices. Social learning can be as simple as a discussion forum or as hands-on as a facilitated live chat with a SME. Provide an ongoing conversation with members by sharing your recent news and upcoming events. Encourage peer-to-peer feedback to promote a collaborative community of learners.


Creating a personalized learning experience is more important than ever before. Recommend courses to your learners based on their history in the LMS, past purchases, interests, and more. Personalize assessments with dynamic quizzes that provide a different set of questions depending on learner performance.


eLearning may be our bread and butter, but we know the importance of incorporating place-based live-training into your curriculum. Through geo-location registration, learners can register for physical events near them, instructors can take attendance right within our LMS, and you can convert handouts and other materials into online resources at anytime.


From measurements and psychometrics to site-wide reporting, CourseStage offers a plethora of reporting functionality so that you can continue to best understand your learners. Additionally, link CourseStage with Google Analytics or your eCommerce solution and you’ll gain even more insight into your programs.


Much of our research and development is focused on automating processes that are manual in other extended enterprise LMSes: for example, automating enrollments and registrations, cloning any learning object, aggregating learning analytics across the site, issuing email reminders and notifications, creating course templates, and saving quiz questions in banks for repeated use.


CourseStage is a flexible system, able to support your current education programs and your future needs. When you’re ready for a new education program offering, we will be ready to discuss best practices we’ve seen and to help you produce it in CourseStage. You won’t see minimum fees for “customizations”, because our base product is full-featured. And if you do want to do something unique, we welcome the opportunity to add the feature into CourseStage for all to benefit from!


Because our clients offer many different learning formats and multiple departments are using their LMS, we work extensively with each client to ensure the LMS meets their business requirements. From there, we don’t just hand you a platform, we work with you to set goals for your education programs and ensure CourseStage LMS is helping you to exceed those.