TMA Resources Interview on Best Practices in Association Technology

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I am excited to announce that the last eLearning “tip” of mine has been featured on TMA Resources in their “Best Practices in Association Technology” series.  This week’s tip: Advocate for Increased Visibility of the LMS in your Association.  Once you have committed to implementing an LMS, advocate for increasing the visibility of the LMS (or online initiative) and promoting a user experience that is as seamless as possible, especially if you are using SSO and connecting to multiple systems.

Making online education products and the LMS a success requires collaboration with other departments in the association–particularly IT and marketing, who may be in charge of the AMS and CMS.  Get buy-in from key stakeholders in these departments early on and plan for SSO and eCommerce integrations with the AMS to make the purchasing process easy for users.  Lastly, increase the exposure and importance of the LMS and professional development products on your website.

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