customers we serve

We serve organizations with an external learner audience. Associations (Medical Societies and Trade Associations), Manufacturing Companies with Channel Partners, and Government Organizations: you are our primary business partners. We have focused on you: your businesses, your products, your services, and your eLearning needs. We have developed a specific CourseStage solution to meet your unique requirements. We aren’t trying to be everything to all people; instead we’ve specialized on an LMS to serve an external learning audience. Our customized offerings provide eLearning solutions that are as unique as you are.


We know and understand the association education market: we designed our CourseStage LMS with the association learner in mind. We offer a versatile product feature set, an integrated eCommerce storefront, data-driven performance improvement recommendations, and an efficient course credit management system. We are a team of experts, focused on the learning experience of the end-users: your association’s members. Partner with our team and drive your education initiative!


trade associations

We appreciate that your corporate members have very different needs from your individual learners. You can provide them with a unique member benefit: a co-branded education portal. Using our CourseStage Trade LMS enables your corporate members to cost-effectively train their employees while using your platform, and thereby showcasing your position as an industry expert. Our trade association clients report an exponential growth in administrative efficiencies and an overall increase in corporate member participation in their educational offerings.



Healthcare associations: You have unique needs and challenges, and CourseStage Health offers a solution set designed to meet those needs. Our CourseStage Health Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to customize your educational activities, to build the courses you want.  Our technology enables you to document and automate processes to design lifelong learning, self-assessment courses, and to implement performance assessment and improvement. If you’re focused on designing and creating engaging learning, and are looking for robust, administrative tools, look no further. We’ve got what you need!



We are a GSA-certified small business, and as such, we are dedicated to providing products and services that enhance the public’s experience with government agencies. We offer innovative, results-based training services: interactive eLearning courses, simulations, and solutions for your mission-critical government agency initiatives. Online training, and LMS design and implementation is what we do…it’s all we do. Our expertise and knowledge of course development, instructional design, immersive simulations and hosted eLearning systems guarantee results you didn’t even know were attainable.


channel partner training

Partners power growth. Expert partners power more growth. We understand the complexities and opportunities that arise when tasked with training your channel partners on your offerings. CourseStage Channel is the perfect solution to increase your bottom line. Our solution is more than technology, and instead an entire ideology around implementing the perfect learning strategy to attain (and smash) your goals. Our clients have seen immense growth through our Channel Learning Solution.

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