customers we serve

We at Web Courseworks have developed an entire CourseStage solution set to ensure we meet the needs of our partners, both current and prospective. Our focus on associations, nonprofits, and government entities, ensures that our products and services have been customized to meet your needs, not the other way around. We aren’t in the game to be everything to all people, instead we’ve specialized our offerings so that our eLearning solutions are as unique as you are.


Drive your education initiative with a broad-based, long-term partner who thrives in and understands the association education market. With a refined consultative approach, a product feature set that has been aligned for revenue generation with an integrated eCommerce storefront, performance improvement with data-driven recommendations, efficient credit management, and a team of experts focused on end-learner user experience, you can be confident that Web Courseworks is the team for you.


trade associations

We understand your corporate members have very different needs than your individual learners. Provide your corporate members with a unique member benefit: a co-branded education portal. CourseStage Trade provides a platform for your corporate members to cost-effectively train their employees while providing you a platform to showcase your position as an expert in your industry. Our trade association clients have seen exponential administrative efficiencies and increased corporate member engagement in their educational offerings.



Healthcare associations have unique needs and challenges, and CourseStage Health offers a solution set designed to meet those needs. Our CourseStage Health Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to customize your educational activities, to build the courses you want.  Our technology enables you to document and automate processes to design lifelong learning, self-assessment courses, and to implement performance assessment and improvement. If you’re focused on designing/creating engaging learning, and are looking for robust, administrative tools, look no further. We’ve got what you need!



As a GSA-certified small business, we provide innovative, results-based training services through interactive eLearning courses, simulations, and solutions for mission-critical government agency initiatives. Online training and LMS design and implementation is what we do…better yet, it’s all we do. Our in-depth focus on course development, instructional design, immersive simulations, and hosted eLearning systems will bring the expertise that you need to your educational program, for results you didn’t even know were attainable.