cloud authoring integrationThe mission of dominKnow is to design easy to use products that can enable people to develop and deliver high quality training with maximum efficiency.

DominKnow is a powerful all-in-one eLearning/mLearning tool for rapid course creation. Cloud authoring is the way to go. Now, you’re able to add dominKnow as a course creation tool within CourseStage, CourseStage Health and CourseStage QIE!

eLearning Industry gives four reasons why Instructional Designers are moving to Cloud Authoring:

  1. Trending – Cloud authoring has become one of the top IT strategies for businesses and associations alike.
  2. No installation – Cloud authoring is just that, “authoring done in the cloud.” This means it’s conducted through your web browser so, no installation needed.
  3. Flexibility – Having the web as your work space means you can work on eLearning anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  4. Collaboration – As work styles have moved more toward teamwork and collaboration, using cloud authoring makes team collaboration on projects easier and more productive.