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Web Courseworks is a leading learning technologies and consulting company that is forging a path of innovation in the eLearning industry. Our experience and expertise guides our partners to become the leading providers of education in their fields. We channel association learning efforts to deliver on the promise of revolutionary performance improvement.

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A mobile-responsive Learning Management System built specifically to support association eLearning initiatives. 

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An LMS platform that corporate members can use to train their employees, while showcasing their industry expertise.

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Our consulting services maximize your processes for efficiency and quality, with everything from learning business plans to situational learning design. 

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A feature-rich LMS designed with the functionality to meet the unique accreditation requirements of the healthcare and medical industries.


Our channel learning solution extends our Learning Management System and services to ensure your partners become your biggest advocates.

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We offer both platform and services to support your next virtual event. 

Using Big Data to Enhance Learning at IREM

September 29 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET


This case study will feature the Institute of Real Estate Management and their efforts to make their Learning Management System (LMS) data actionable. Wendy Becker of IREM will discuss the various data that her LMS and AMS provide and how she uses it to enhance the overall experience for her members. These insights have led to enhanced education experiences and the future holds big (Data) plans for IREM. Predictive analytics will help IREM to model enrollment per course, demand for live sessions at the annual conference, and usership on their various technology platforms. Prescriptive analytics will guide IREM to invest in education and other products and be able to present intelligent recommendations to members.

Attendees will learn:

  • Steps to get your association from where you are now to using data to enhance education
  • How to decipher what LMS data your Association needs to be paying attention to
  • How to use that LMS data to enhance your education experiences for your member
  • What tools any association can use, regardless of budget, to get started with capturing learning data
  • How to use both predictive and prescriptive analytics to increase your bottom line