How AI Will Revolutionize Association Learning Programs

Web Courseworks is excited to be an Innovation Series Partner at this year’s Digital Now Conference. Join us on October 4-6 in New Orleans and hear from our VP of Technology Solutions, Dr. Andy Hicken as he discusses how AI will revolutionize Association Learning Programs.

Artificial Intelligence

How AI Will Revolutionize Association Learning Programs

AI is poised to revolutionize the association learning space, providing new ways to add value for learners, save staff time, and differentiate from free and low-priced competition. This presentation will cover basic concepts in AI from an online learning perspective. Then, taking the American Society of Hematology as a case study, we will consider ways that AI can leverage an association’s wealth of data to provide unique value in learning and professional development.

We will discuss the following uses of AI:

  • Using custom machine speech-to-text and search models to allow learners to find precisely the content they need in large libraries of video and audio, like conference and webinar recordings. 
  • Pulling together data from member databases, searches, shops, and learning platforms to create predictive and prescriptive models that recommend new learning content precisely targeted to a user’s professional interests and learning gaps.
  • Saving time for education staff with machine learning models that trim dead air from video recordings, provide automatic tagging of content, and even write simple “attention check” questions based on video content.
  • Using AI to guide curriculum planning by discovering in-demand and trending content.

Your Speakers

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Andy Hicken, Ph.D., VP, Technology Solutions | Web Courseworks

Andy Hicken is an innovator, strategist, and creative problem solver with over 20 years of academic and adult learning experience. As VP of Technology Solutions at Web Courseworks, Andy specializes in leveraging data to help associations improve their lifelong learning programs. Andy designed and implemented the popular eLearning Hypecurve, which uses machine learning to identify trends in online learning. Andy has a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently pursuing his Masters in Data Science through the University of Wisconsin.

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