What’s In Your Leadership Toolbox? 5 Strategies to Build High-Performing, Engaged Teams

Teamwork is one of the most fundamental components of an organization’s success. Efficient and collaborative work enables organizations the ability to deliver high-quality products and services on time and within budget. However, building a team is a fine science.

An engaged team is a group of highly skilled professionals who trust each other, share the same values, and are empowered to achieve a common business goal. 

In this session, Web Courseworks’ Chief Technology Officer, Mark Sehmer, will share five proven strategies to build a high-performing, engaged team. 

What's In Your Leadership Toolbox? 5 Strategies to Build High-Performing, Engaged Teams

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Mark Sehmer, Chief Technology Officer

Web Courseworks

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Mark is a proven leader who brings a wealth of experience leading high-caliber teams and modernizing business through culture, organizational design, employee empowerment and product innovation. He graduated with an Industrial Technology degree at a time in which the internet was evolving rapidly. Mark participated in early technology innovations such as Mosaic (first web browser) and email standards. His software industry experience taught him early on the inadequacies of traditional software development practices and antiquated organizational leadership styles. 

Since then, Mark has adopted modern software development practices (agile, lean, kanban, Spotify Squad Framework), effective organizational leadership principles (Teal organization design), and emphasized the importance of cultivating a positive work culture to help transform organizations into high-performing, innovative teams.

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