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This managing eLearning blog’s mission is to inform managers about emerging topics and to impart advice concerning becoming a better leader and manager.  As many of you know, I am a crossover corporate eLearning consultant and vendor. Over the last ten years I have concentrated on association, non-profit and healthcare related eLearning PD and performance improvement platforms.  I say crossover because my roots go back to developing educational technology solutions for corporations like GE Healthcare, McDonalds, Miller Brewing and other major US corporate training departments.

Thursday, I will again immerse myself back into that world when I attend the HCM Excellence Conference 2017.  Here, I will hobnob with some of the top innovators in corporate eLearning.  The Brandon Hall brand has been known for evaluating excellence in eLearning since the last century.  I am very proud to be on the receiving end of one of their technology awards this year.

As you know, it costs money to apply and to receive most industry awards.  You are rolling the dice concerning which expert judges evaluate your technology.  Nevertheless, applying to receive the Brandon Hall award is worth the effort for the following five reasons:

eLearning Awards


The process of applying for an award is a good reflective team exercise for your design and development team.  Brandon Hall has a rigorous application process, which requires you to develop a succinct short video “walk through” of your eLearning software platform.  The award criteria provide an excellent framework for pre and post mortem team discussions on our software use cases and feature specification. This exercise encouraged our staff to articulate the best features and use of our Quality Improvement Education program using a customer case study.


This Huffington Post article articulates it well, “…its not bragging if someone else says it.  Third party validation carries weight in business.”  Actions surrounding receiving this award will give me an opportunity as a manager to gain status with those I report to and to provide a pat on the back for those who report to me.  I look forward to handing the plaque out in front of the entire company to those individuals who had the most to do with designing and developing our Performance Improvement Software.

eLearning Awards


Winning a business award makes you a member of a prestigious “club” of award recipients.  This opens up the opportunity to meet others in the eLearning industry whom have successfully designed and developed eLearning activities and platforms that work.  Attending all or part of the three-day Brandon Hall HCM Conference gives me the opportunity to be exposed to factual research and analysis from members of the Brandon Hall Group.  Attending the event also enables me to explore strategic relationships with other eLearning leaders and to gain insights from their award winning experiences in the field.  It is a lot different than other conferences due to the inherent vetting process of attendees and session leaders.  It is a conference for corporate eLearning managers, thought leaders, and managers in the training and development business.

eLearning Award


Third party recognition goes a long way to helping you shout from the roof tops to help you gain new customers, raging fans and recruiting top talent for your team.   Brandon Hall provides the winners with a press kit including award logo that can be disseminated via web sites, presentations and sell sheets.  It is important to me to have something to promote and talk about that provides business credibility and says you work with a successful team.  It is the equivalent of a credential or prestigious badge; however short term.

eLearning Award


I was at a training workshop recently where the trainer brought up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and I reflected on the fact that even though I have been moderately successful in my field, I still personally need continuous self purpose, recognition, and “win activities” and projects that move me towards “self-actualization”.  This is easier said than done being on the cutting edge of the eLearning software business where technology decisions (remember FLASH), people (detractors), and lack of process can derail large projects.   Getting an award can force you to personally “stop and smell the roses” and feel satisfied and proud of the work you have accomplished, however short term.


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