Torrance Learning has been creating exemplar online learning courses over the last decade.  Megan Torrance has built an admirable company located in Chelsea, Michigan just 15 miles west of Ann Arbor.  She has been a thought leader and speaker on innovative eLearning such as xAPI utilization and agile development processes.  Her team has won several national awards and best of show for course development work.  Torrance Learning courses meet high quality standards and can be found on sites such as Cyber U, Mastery Tech and Prositions.   On March 11, 2020 Megan Torrance open sourced three courses that are highly relevant for today:

  • Take Precautions: COVID-19
  • Form Your Virtual Team
  • Lead Your Virtual Team

Please read Megan’s blog to learn more about how to download the course assets.

I have reviewed these courses and give the production values high marks.  A transcript is included in the download for quick vetting of the content.  Most of the course components are either video or video slide show format with narration.  The content is introductory, and it is referenced.  It should be reviewed for relevance to your learners’ profile and appropriateness for your community of practice.   For example, if you are a medical society representing physicians, this content will need to be enhanced with additional journal articles and videos acquired from leading experts in your field.   Other associations will find that this introductory content is “just what the doctor ordered” for your community members.  Web Coursework’s will be happy, at no charge, to load Megan Torrance’s content on to your LMS.  Web Courseworks will also be happy to assist your development team in getting this and additional supplementary content out to members via our CourseStage learning platform.