A Rating System Helps Allocate Resources

I am excited to announce that another eLearning “tip” of mine has been featured on TMA Resources in their “Best Practices in Association Technology” series.  This week’s tip:  it is important to rate the quality of your distance learning products (A, B, C).  My point is that education managers should develop a rating system for their eLearning products.  This helps when communicating with team members about resource investment.  Quality eLearning is defined by media-rich activities, including video, audio, and animations, maximizing learner engagement through interactivities or simulations, and investment in sound instructional design of the course content to ensure the integrity of learning outcomes that are supported by assessments.  A-grade products contain high learner interactivity factors, take more resources to build, and should be promoted and priced differently.

We all develop our share of C products, you know those “page turners,” but having a middle ground B product should help elevate both team mojo, the learner’s perceived value of the product, and result in product improvement within your department.  How you define A, B, and C product specifications is up to your particular market and situation.

Look for another tip coming out from Web Courseworks in the “Best Practices” series coming out on December 26th!

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