I am planning to conduct a series of interviews with Clark Aldrich about his upcoming book (available for pre-order) called The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games: How the Most Valuable Content Will Be Created in the Age Beyond Gutenberg to Google. This first interview explores a few general questions on the topics covered by the book, including why simulations and serious games do a better job of teaching the important “big skills like leadership, negotiation, stewardship and middle skills like directing people, probing and procurement” (borrowing from Jeff Sandefer’s forward to the book). As a manager of games and simulation development, I was intrigued with Clark’s views on how the book could help build communication loops and collaboration between game sponsors, subject matter experts, and designers/developers. As Clark notes, his new book should provide a basis for “common ground.”

Learn more about Clark’s recommendations for how various types of people can use this book (a good bathroom read?). I called Clark an entrepreneur, an assessment he seems to agree with in this interview. He also talks about his interests and what he enjoys most– whether it’s being an analyst, consultant, simulation designer or author. I hope you enjoy part one of what will be several interviews on this important piece of work.