Here is Part II in my series of interviews with Clark Aldrich on his upcoming book The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games. The book will ship sometime in October, and Clark sent me an advance copy. This book has the potential to become an instrumental resource for sponsors and managers of educational simulation and serious game development. It intrigues me because Clark Aldrich addresses those very issues that concern those of us who manage or fund educational games and simulations:

  • The need for a common development language
  • The need to quickly communicate about genres and what works
  • The need to protect the integrity of the serious game
  • The need to stay “on-time and on budget”
  • The need to share expertise between subject matter expert and development team
  • The need for models of development

In the following 18 minute interview, Clark and I discuss his model of actions and results and the underlying systems that connect the two.