MedBiquitous Conference

Coming up this month, the Annual MedBiquitous Conference will be held on May 16-17, 2016.

Last week, Andy Hicken, PhD and I interviewed Valerie Smothers, the main force behind MedBiquitous.  As Deputy Director of MedBiquitous, Valerie leads this Johns Hopkins-supported effort to develop technology standards to improve quality and collaboration in health education. MedBiquitous plays a crucial standards-setting role in efforts to improve quality through education happening across professional societies, universities, hospitals, and other organizations.

This year’s conference, held on the Johns Hopkins campus in Baltimore, features several strong speakers. Our client Natalie Lavelle, MEd of NBOME (National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners) will be demonstrating our performance improvement (PI-CME) authoring system.  Speaker Sean McCormick, MD is an expert in clinical informatics at EPIC, a leading medical records company located in our backyard here in Wisconsin that serves many of the largest healthcare delivery systems in the United States and the world.  Several excellent workshops and facilitated discussions are on the agenda as well.

We at Web Courseworks are particularly interested in how our learning management and quality improvement education solutions could work with MedBiquitous standards. Integration of EHRs, clinical data registries, and learning solutions is key to our vision for the future of quality improvement education. It’s clear that Valerie and her colleagues at MedBiquitous share this vision, and are dedicated to making it a reality.

In the interview below Valerie Smothers discusses the following topics:

  • Details on the format of the two-day MedBiquitious Conference
  • Using data to drive improvement across medical organizations
  • Using competency mapping to improve practitioner credentialing and certification
  • AAMC’s curriculum inventory—including competency data and reports
  • A standard for professional profiles to help credentials flow across organizations
  • The PARS system, a medical education standard to collect data on CME programs
  • Enthusiasm around xAPI and the learning records store (LRS) specific to health professions for virtual patients and high fidelity medical simulators

Check out the MedBiquitious conference website here.

Valerie Smothers - MedBiquitous

Valerie Smothers