This is my first blog post since 2005, when I wrote about my experiences playing the video game, XMEN, for a class I was taking at the University of Wisconsin. Last week I became inspired by my holiday reading of David Merman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Well here I go…As an eLearning entrepreneur, I have paid special attention to the overly depressing 2009 economic prognostications. This is my fourth recession. I’ve been self employed as an educational technologist since 1978. I feel that eLearning is going to be one of the winners during this current downturn. More associations (and there are thousands) will begin investing in online learning and will begin to eliminate a few face to face conferences. Clark Quinn predicts, in his Learnlets blog, an ever increasing use of mobile learning, gaming and simulation (Immersive Learning Simulations). Bill Brandon, editor of Learning Solutions at the eLearning Guild, wrote in his January 5 newsletter that learning organizations need to visibly create productivity improvement. He suggests an emphasis on training design that utilizes “problem-based and scenario-based learning” (using low cost PowerPoint slides, if necessary). Besides being innovative he suggests you invigorate your team by providing team leadership: make the best use of your existing systems and resources, scan the environment for cost saving tips, and network…sounds a lot like what I have been trying to do lately.