As an eLearning entrepreneur, I want to address topics centered on managing projects and people. People are most definitely in the news this past week as we hit unemployment levels previously unseen by many in the workforce. I have had several conversations with individuals who have lost their jobs. My advice to them and all those currently employed is to always think like an entrepreneur. Here are my top ten quick tips:

  1. Manage your personal brand – does your LinkedIn or Facebook profile “image” look like the resume of a person you would hire?
  2. Commit to continuous networking –Remember that the time to ask for informal LinkedIn recommendations is while you are employed.
  3. Get over it and “stay positive as this is an opportunity” – read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki or the classic, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.
  4. Evaluate the quality of your last project. You are only as good as your last project. Your brand must say: “I care about how my work is perceived.”
  5. Evaluate your goals annually. Spend a weekend alone and ask yourself about: Personal/Family/Spiritual. Time to treat yourself to a personal exploration vacation?
  6. Stay healthy. Commit to an exercise regime. Physical appearance does matter in a job interview.
  7. Commit to continuous learning—if you do start your own consulting business take advantage of one day workshops and informal learning via the Internet.
  8. Be frugal. To stay financially healthy live by the rule: “Buy low and sell high.” That includes selling your services.
  9. Ask for help. Do not be afraid to ask friends and family to help you. Many entrepreneurs get through tough times due to a helping hand, a loan, or a lower rate.
  10. Stay disciplined. Once you have determined your goals, come up with techniques to keep you on task. Read a book every month, follow ten blogs daily, list two positive things a day. Find the jobs or occupations that excel despite a recession.