Don’t you hate when you get out of a conference session feeling all pumped about an idea, but by the time you get back to your workplace you realize that you have no idea how to do the thing you were so excited about? Me too! Introducing people to new instructional design concepts is very important, but providing people with the tools and skills necessary to bring those ideas to life is just as important.

I was excited to present my FocusOn Learning 2017 talk as a webinar this past year on game-based learning in instructional design, but this year I’m even more excited to host a workshop, “BYOD: Building Branching Scenarios“. This workshop will explain how to make branching scenarios from the very beginning planning stages all the way to the publishing and export process. I spent the past year telling everyone how fun and useful these scenarios are for educational purposes; now it’s time to teach eLearning Professionals how to make their own.

I’ve enjoyed prepping for this session because it has forced me to reflect on my own process and dig into the whys of what I’m doing. I can also review my own work with a more critical eye and see where I could have improved a step of the process to make a better, more educational experience for my learners.

But you have to start somewhere, right? Start with me Sunday, March 25th, at the Learning Solutions 2018 conference in Orlando, Florida! Click below to register today: