I recently participated as a session speaker in the CommPartners Spark Series (Improve Your Program with Subject Matter Expert Collaboration). I was impressed with how CommPartners webinar producer managed all of the details. I was particularly impressed with the producer’s insistence that I engage the audience. She communicated ways in which their platform could facilitate this. My session on collaborating with experts turned out to be very collaborative! Just so you know—full disclosure—Web Courseworks is a co-sponsor of the Spark series and I have a “collaborative” business relationship with owners Rich Finstein and John Volentine. Nevertheless, I hope you find the following interview with Rich Finstein valuable as he encourages reflection on how you can make your webinars more engaging for the participants. Take a listen:

I asked Rich to identify techniques that make webinars more engaging. In the following clip he talks about the platform, format, and devices used to encourage audience participation.

Involving the Speakers

As a session speaker, I do sympathize with the organizers of events. We speakers think we are just too important to answer emails promptly. Nevertheless, if you are producing webinars, it is important to do advance work with your speakers.

Using a Webcam
Putting your speaker on the computer screen in full motion video has distinct advantages. I recommend, at the very least, showing the speaker live at the introduction and at the end during final question and answer session.

Parliamentary Procedure Virtually?
CommPartners has several proprietary platforms. I was intrigued by the board meeting platform that allowed for a parliamentary procedure to be conducted virtually.