Guy Kawasaki’s continuous tweets have drilled the Alltop aggregate sites into my psyche, and there it was—a site for eLearning! To apply to be accepted, it required a blog name. After six months of blogging, I finally decided to name this blog: “Managing eLearning.” I will occasionally get into the weeds about eLearning tactical issues, like voicing an opinion on instructional design, but most of the time my blog posts will focus on:

  • Efficient management of eLearning projects
  • Leadership issues in the development and deployment proces
  • Strategic discovery of entrepreneurial opportunities within the eLearning space

My opinions on eLearning have been influenced by the University of Wisconsin courses I enroll in each semester and by the teachings of Bill and Kit Horton. Bill and Kit have recently returned to the eLearning scene after a sabbatical (see their GPS photographs!) Bill’s most recent book eLearning by design (review) is a must read, especially for those in eLearning leadership positions. I take pride in being a protégé of both Bill’s and Kit’s teachings, and consider them friends after over eight years of knowing them.