I am in a quick turnaround from speaking at the ASTD TechKnowledge ‘09 workshop and flying today to Atlanta for Training Magazine’s Annual Training 2009 conference for two speaking sessions. I am adjusting my two lectures (Managing eCourse Development, It’s a Team Approach and Moodle Doodle: Building Online Courses Using the Open Source CMS, Moodle) to account for people’s preoccupation with the current economic downturn.

I am looking forward to being motivated by Tuesday’s Keynote addresses. The Carrot Principle author, Chester Elton, is speaking on motivating team members (employees), and the other address from Jeffery Zaslow, co-author of the Last Lecture, should contain some deep thinking on the meaning of life. I believe pre-conference workshop attendance is down based on some workshops being canceled.

Note: Here is an addition to Thinking like an Entrepreneur

I do believe attending conferences is a good strategy and a good investment in your professional development — especially if you find yourself without employment or projects! These national conferences should give you new ideas and hopefully inspire and energize you.