Medical Subject Matter Experts: Medical Records Implementation and Training Challenges

A growing number of hospitals and ambulatory clinics are consumed with the task of implementing medical records software.  This national rollout of medical records software has increased the need to collaborate with medical experts.  Technological advancement means adoption of new ways of thinking and often requires Change Management training.  Special use of medical records holds the promise of improved patient outcomes through medical educational interventions for both medical practitioners and patients.  Implementation of a medical records system for software engineers involves understanding of the clinic workflow, while practitioners need a better understanding and appreciation of the advantages of using medical records software.  When there is two way respect and communication, good things happen for the patient and for medical care in general.

Over the holidays, EPIC Systems, a national provider of medical records software, invited me in to their audio studios to do a podcast on the relevance of my micro-collaboration model to medical records implementation.  I was excited to hear that my model can be applied generally to working with any type of expert, even brain surgeons and ER doctors.

I will be speaking at the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education Conference in Orlando, FL on January 22nd and hope to explore in depth the importance of micro-collaborating with medical experts.

Take a listen as I discuss the need for medical records software implementers to understand how to engage doctors and staff through micro-collaboration.

Disclaimer: This interview does not imply an endorsement by or partnership with Epic Systems.

Click play to listen to the podcast (approx. 24 minutes)