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The National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) provides educational and assessment services to osteopathic physicians to ensure that they possess the knowledge and skills required for the delivery of high quality, safe care to their patients. NBOME sought to help its members satisfy new requirements for osteopathic continuous certification (OCC) from the American Osteopathic Association with a new initiative called OPAIM: Osteopathic Performance Assessment and Improvement Modules. At first, NBOME worked with independent programmers to develop the new modules individually to particular specifications. However, this approach proved costly, and as demand for its OPAIMs increased it become clear that a more flexible solution was needed.


NBOME approached Web Courseworks looking to overhaul its OPAIM program. NBOME leveraged CourseStage HEALTH’s newly developed MyPi platform to rebuild their two OPAIMs in the CourseStage system. Before, when NBOME’s instructional designers wanted to change an aspect of one of the modules they had to contact the developer of the software. Now NBOME staff can easily apply content changes themselves through MyPi’s admin panel, and even create new OPAIMs from scratch as their program expands. With CourseStage HEALTH, NBOME can offer its physicians a better performance improvement experience than was previously possible. MyPi provides learner-facing reporting in two graphically rich, user-friendly formats: a bar graph showing an at-a-glance summary of current performance and an infographic that provides detailed information on individual metrics and recommends relevant coursework. NBOME’s PI solution also lets learners create individual action plans and provides takeaway tools such as job aids to help learners implement interventions.


As its OPAIM program continues to gather steam, NBOME is exploring the possibility of partnering with medical licensure boards to help its modules find new audiences. Sub-portals will allow NBOME to segment their LMS for participating specialty boards with “vanity” URLs, client-specific branding and user hierarchies so that local managers see only their own users.