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Becky Willis, VP of Enterprise Engagement at EdCast, will be presenting during our October 31st webinar about a learning experience platform called EdCast. Becky Willis understands the need

Becky Willis EdCastof today’s adult learners to digest learning from mobile devices that provide intelligent curation of personalized learning for each learner or group of learners.  Based on Becky’s background and experiences, in this interview, she provides a good understanding of what the next generation learning platform looks like.


Next Generation Learning Platform Interview

Can you give us a little information about your background? 

Becky has over 20 years of various learning and development positions. She approaches learning from a business mind set and works with clients on strategy and implementation.

Can you describe the next generation learning platform?

Becky explains that the next generation learning platform aggregates internal, external, informal, and formal, peer to peer content. It helps to curate it with AI and uses machine languages to personalize what the employees see.

Tell us about how the next generation learning platforms needs to account for intelligent curation.  

Becky tells us that at EdCast they have an AI engine that curates based on criteria that their customers select. It also uses machine learning to find out what each user wants from the content they are viewing. The final mile, that is provided, is person operated curation.

Tell us about what makes EdCast a learning experience platform. 

Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is someone who describes the EdCast’s learning experience platform really well. With reference to the categories listed in the slide above (click on the slide to see it in full view) Becky explains how EdCasts model is an anytime, anywhere, platform that addresses the reality of learning today.

Can you discuss EdCasts position on xAPIs new standard? 

Becky says that xAPI has changed the way EdCast looks at integrations. They use xAPI to integrate content from many sources.

How are you approaching the non-corporates? 

Becky tells us that Edcast works with many non-profits. They are making great strides with external learning sites and partnering with them, being the front end, creating external courses for doctors and many more.

Becky is excited to explain apps, authoring and curation and how it relates to the next generation learning platform in our next Thought Leaders Webinar. Don’t miss out on our October 31st Webinar “Next Generation LMS: Apps, Authoring and Curation”.

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